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GoWild App for Garmin: The Most Robust Outdoors Activity Tracking Available

January 8, 2019

Only on GoWild can you share the excitement of your outdoors story. 

GoWild™ integrates with all Garmin wearable smartwatches to track adventures, and share your activities. GoWild members can share digital stories in the form of an interactive post, which showcases your activity's mileage, biometric data, elevation change and photos captured, all on a timeline.

Possibly the most unique feature is the ability to feel your heart rate through the phone’s haptics at any given moment during a logged activity.

Join the Community in Sharing Your Story

• Accurately track distance, elevation and air temp.*
• Map is anonymized, never showing roads, cities, markers and limiting zoom ability. We never give up your honey hole. Just rough topo and water features. 
• We'll track your photos and pull them in for you—you can sort before you post.
• Relive your OMG moment to show off when your heart jumped. You and friends can feel the heart rate shift through the phone's haptics. 

Don't have a Garmin Wearable?
That's ok! You can enjoy GoWild without syncing a Garmin device. But here's a review of some popular Garmin wearables if you're ready to sync up!

How to Set Up Your Garmin Device on GoWild

  1. Go to your GoWild profile and tap the settings cog icon
  2. Tap Connect to Garmin. You’ll be asked to log into your Garmin account. Sign in.
  3. Once connected, ensure your watch is connected to your phone. You may need to go to your Garmin Connect IQ app to import your activities there. As soon as they are synced to your Garmin app, go to your GoWild app and in the Trail Mix (main feed), tap the little hiking icon at the top to import your activities. Once they are imported, they will store here until you import. 

* Air temp only available on some devices

If you’re having any issues with syncing your device whatsoever, fill out the form below.


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