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GoWild: An Activity Tracking App for Outdoors Enthusiasts

January 8, 2019

The Field Notebook has gone digital. GoWild™ app enables you to track your outdoor activities using just your phone, creating a log of lessons learned and memories made from your outdoor pursuits. Choose from fishing, scouting, hunting, archery, hiking, running or walking.

Anglers want to share their story, but not their spot. You can actively track fishing data for Saltwater, Freshwater, Bow, Ice and Noodlin’. GoWild will keep your photos taken, pinning to an anonymized map. Track your distance boated or hiked, elevation changes (great for walking a stream when fly fishing or paddling), and with our Garmin Fishing app, your heart rate and the air temperature!

Scouting & Hunting
Epic hunting tales start with blazing trails for scouting. The day you tag out is the smallest portion of the story—GoWild’s Scouting & Hunting Activity Tracking allows you to use your phone to map out your effort, without actually revealing your map (we’re not sharing your secret spot—maps are anonymized).

Track shot counts, group numbers, group performance, yardage and photos with GoWild’s Archery Activity Tracking. GoWild compiles all of this data into an easy-to-digest timeline—no more trying to remember which picture was what yardage. We’ll handle that part. You focus on shooting. Share any questions about your shooting with our robust community to get real-time feedback.

Hiking, Running & Walking
Challenges turn into change. However you choose stay in shape, you can track your progress and share your story with GoWild’s Activity Tracking.

How to Track Your Activities

  • Open the GoWild app from your phone.
  • Tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen and then select “Activity” (top right of the screen).
  • Choose your activity and start tracking!

Track Farther, Longer and In Robust Detail with GoWild’s Garmin App

Considering battery life and weather, your phone can only step up so much. Beyond that, the phone simply can’t track certain things like heart rate, air temp, steps and other movements. That’s where the GoWild Garmin integration comes in.

Take Activity Tracking to the next level with your Garmin wearable. Leveraging multisatellite GPS, our Garmin app tracks movement with certainty, allows you to drop pins for points of interests such as animal sightings or bedding sights, trail cameras and more, and tracks your biometric data, such as heart rate.

GoWild for Garmin integrates with the Garmin fenix 5X, Garmin fenix 5X Plus, Garmins fenix 5S and Garmin Tactix Charlie. Find GoWild on Garmin’s Connect IQ and download for free. Import data from Garmin device to GoWild for hunting, hiking or archery.

Learn more about GoWild for Garmin.

Download GoWild app for Android or iPhone today.

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