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Giveaway: Tink's Prize Package

Giveaway: Tink's Prize Package
September 2, 2018


Tink's has been in the deer scent and lures game for nearly 50 years. That means this product has been tried and tested through not only multiple hunting seasons—Tink's has stood the test of time through generations. 

GoWild has partnered with Tink's to bring some lucky buck or doe a robust package of Tink's products, including natural and synthetics lures, as well as dispensers. While this package is currently tailored to whitetail hunters, if the winner is more interested in Tink's big game lures we can discuss a trade. In addition to its robust line of deer products, Tink's has lures for moose, elk, bear and hog. 

Innovation in Every Drop

Tink's lures meet the needs of every phase of the hunt along with a broad variety of dispenser options. These natural whitetail lures are certified CWD-free, extensively tested for effectiveness, and simple to use. 

Whether you’re hunting trophy whitetails, black bears, big bull elk, monster moose, pigs or predators, Tink's have a product to help you succeed. The winner of this Giveaway will be a bit more prepared to put the odds in their favor. Consider this package the end-all, be-all scent package.

How to Enter for a Chance to Win

You cannot enter here. Comments on the blog do not count towards an entry. Pull out your GoWild™ app and tap the compass, then Giveaways! Find the post about Tink's then read the instructions at the bottom! The winner will be announced on September 9 via the GoWild app.  

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