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  • Giveaway: Tacticalories Grilling Basket & Seasonings Kit

Giveaway: Tacticalories Grilling Basket & Seasonings Kit

Giveaway: Tacticalories Grilling Basket & Seasonings Kit
May 13, 2018

Tacticalories Seasoning Company


If you've wondered what the heck "Montreal" tastes like, and why you'd ever want it on your steak cuts, we've got a great giveaway for you. 

Seasoning your food is certainly not a recent phenomenon. But seasoning has become a stale commodity. Our giveaway this week comes from a guy who was tired of the monotony. Tacticalories blends are made in small, fresh batches, often made just days before they hit customers' mailboxes.

"I'm sure seasoning food started as soon as the first caveman tried to choke down the same old pterodactyl egg for the 13th day in a row," said Casey, the Founder of Tacticalories. "Food has evolved. My team and I craft our meals for a specific purpose. That will never change, and Tacticalories brand is no different. This is our lifestyle and our promise is to bring the best to your table."

Free Grilling basket

Team GoWild™ has been using Tacticalories seasonings for several months now. Our personal favorite is Assault and Pepper—it's even a key ingredient in our venison burger recipe. We're proud to partner with Casey and Tacticalories to bring an opportunity for you Wild Child Warriors. 

This giveaway is a blast! We have all of Casey's latest seasonings, a sticker pack, and his custom-made Battle Basket. The Battle Basket is a very unique, custom basket made for grilling up veggies or meats. These baskets—like all things Tacticalories—are made right here in the USA. 

10 Items Included!

  • Battle Basket, a must-have grilling accessory 
  • Dirty South Seasoning
  • Fire Forged Sea Salt Seasoning
  • Battle Grounds Blend Seasoning
  • Adirondack Smoke BBQ Seasoning
  • Assault & Pepper Seasoning
  • Carving House Blend Seasoning
  • Lemon Prepper Seasoning
  • Firing Lime Chipotle Seasoning
  • Tacticalories Sticker Pack

Enter for a Chance to Win! 

Open your GoWild app up right now, tap the compass, then find the Giveaways Trail. There you'll find a recent post from GoWild with a question for you to answer! 

Free Shipping

All GoWild users can get free shipping on Tacticalories with code "GOWILD" so hit up that store and grab some goods! 

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