Giveaway: SIXSITE Gear Package With Jacket, Pants & Hat | $435 VALUE

Giveaway: SIXSITE Gear Package With Jacket, Pants & Hat | $435 VALUE
December 30, 2018

Chance To Win An Amazing Gear Package from SIXSITE | $435 VALUE

If you want a shot at making this gear your own, make sure you open your GoWild™ app and search "SIXSITE" to see how to enter. You could win:

GUNNISON SOFT SHELL JACKET (Men's or Women's) | $225

Here's a jacket designed for fluid mobility of the arms and torso without the baggage of loose, unnecessary fabric, allowing for extreme comfort hunting with a bow or firearm. It's extremely versatile. When used in conjunction with additional insulation, it can be used later in the season when the temperature drops.


These pants are versatile, comfortable and QUIET thanks to the poly stretch face and brushed fleece interior. Durable for variety of temperatures and terrains- reliable throughout the season.

Winner has options! Choose either the RANA Brown or RANA Grey camo. Each is embroidered with a SIXSITE logo.

SIXSITE's gear is designed by a former Navy SEAL to be more efficient and intuitive in hunting environments. All products are proudly built here in America. Learn More

How to Enter for a Chance to Win

You cannot enter here. Comments on the blog do not count towards an entry. Pull out your GoWild app and tap the compass, then choose Giveaways. Find the post about SIXSITE then tap and read the instructions to enter. The winner will be announced on January 6th, 2019 via the GoWild app.  

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