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  • Giveaway: Riton Optics $200 Gift Card 

Giveaway: Riton Optics $200 Gift Card 

Giveaway: Riton Optics $200 Gift Card 
September 29, 2019

Riton Optics was founded in Arizona in 2013 by a Law Enforcement and Military Veteran, Brady Speth, and his wife, Carrie Speth. The Veteran and family-owned business focuses on bringing quality and affordability to the optics industry. 

With a staff of avid shooters and hunters, the product line originates through practical, real world applications providing you with the quality and functionality needed in a variety of applications. The optics are put through a series of tests by internal experts, as well as Tier One military personnel, law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and hunters all around the world. 

Riton has continued to grow their product line and market share each year through the continual development of new product requested by customers. 

Product Line

Riton has an unwavering passion for offering high quality optics at the industry’s most competitive prices, with incredible service. From your first look through Riton High Density glass to your interaction with the customer service team in Arizona, you’ll notice the difference in the gear. 

Riton Optics’ product line includes riflescopes, red dots and binoculars, as well as accessories, such as scope rings, mounts, flash kills, sunshades, and throw levers. 

The Riton Promise - Unlimited Warranty

With service at the core of everything Riton does, the company provides the industry’s best warranty on all products. The Riton Optics Unlimited Lifetime Warranty requires no proof of purchase or registration. If you have an issue with your optic, you send it back to Riton with an Warranty Claim Form, and Riton replaces it for you with a brand new product—not repaired or refurbished products. Riton also sends replacement product within 48 business hours.

How to Enter for a Chance to Win

Download GoWild. Search for “Riton” and enter through the Giveaway listed on the app. 

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