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Giveaway: Rack One Whitetail System

Giveaway: Rack One Whitetail System
July 9, 2018

Giveaway: Rack One Whitetail System | $65 Value

As you’ve probably seen in GoWild, everybody’s grooming their spot, scouting and looking at trail camera photos, all in prep for the fall. Today we’ve got a little something to amp up your whitetail game.

The Rack One Whitetail System was developed to grow trophy racks and improve herd health from year to year. This innovative system was specifically designed to use throughout the year. The minerals give the deer what they need, while the attractants help the hunters get what they want.

Rack One consists of three different phases: Grow, Scout, and Hunt. The Grow Phase includes Thrive and Xcellerator, which provide necessary minerals to support antler growth 365 days a year. The Scout Phase features Amped, a premium whitetail attractant that can be used as a stand alone product all year round. The final phase of the system, the Hunt Phase, includes Rut Fuel, a premium whitetail attractant intensified for the hunting season.

This Giveaway includes all three of the Rack One products, as well as Big Game Peanut Butter.

Big Game Peanut Butter

This outrageous aroma brings in the big game and packs 22% protein and 44% fat for healthy herds and flavor that keeps them coming back. Rain and mold resistant, Big Game Butter makes for a great long-term supplement. This premium deer supplement is made with real peanuts, not peanut hulls, and has unmatched flavor that appeals to deer in every region of the country.  


Xcellerator is the apex when it comes to whitetail minerals. Providing your deer multiple mineral sites promotes herd health and maximizes antler growth. There is no offseason for these athletes and right when their bodies need the nutritional supplement to power through and jumpstart antler growth, Xcellerator delivers. 


Have you ever had a hard time getting pics of that Booner your buddy swears he saw? Amped fixes that. Amped was designed to drag those gaggers out of the woodwork and put ‘em where you want ‘em: right in front of your trail camera. 

Rut Fuel

This hanging attractant has the intense aroma of fall acorn, crisp apple or sugar beet, suspended by the included hanging strap attracts deer from their hiding spots, giving you your best shot, whether it’s a trail camera location or hunt stand. With natural minerals for antler growth and enzymes supporting healthy digestion, tip the odds in your favor with a Power Station premium attractant.

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