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Giveaway: Life-Size Elk Targets

Giveaway: Life-Size Elk Targets
September 9, 2018
Braden Todd grew up hunting whitetail deer and turkeys with his dad in Pennsylvania. He's taken those skills and traditions with him throughout his life. When he moved to Colorado, he was excited to hunt mule deer and elk. He just didn't realize the pursuit would put him on a seven year journey that would change his life. 
Braden wanted to do his best to prepare to ethically and quickly harvest an elk when the time came, but he was disappointed with the targets available. 
"My target options were just circles or severely reduced images of an animal," Braden said. "So I developed my own personal target and was amazed by the responses to it. When at the range, I was constantly asked where I bought the target and if people could try it."
It was clear Braden had a great idea for a product, and therefore, Life Size Targets was born. The company's targets are environmentally friendly and are compactable for storage and transport. 
The targets are high resolution, high quality photography. Some people have even said these targets are too pretty to shoot. 

How to Enter for a Chance to Win

You cannot enter here. Comments on the blog do not count towards an entry. Pull out your GoWild™ app and tap the compass, then Giveaways! Find the post about Life Size Targets then read the instructions at the bottom! The winner will be announced on September 16 via the GoWild app.  

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