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Giveaway: Dark Mountain Performance Supplements Package

Giveaway: Dark Mountain Performance Supplements Package
February 11, 2018

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Dark Mountain Supplements Package |  $150 Value

There are a lot of stereotypes in the media about hunters, and a lot of folks thinking we’re just a bunch of fat folks in camo sitting in deer stands. But the truth is, hunting is hard work. From the scouting to the backcountry excursions, you have to be in shape to be at the top of your game.

Dan Cranford is the kind of guy who is always looking to improve his performance in the outdoors. He was using some supplemental products, and while he was getting some performance benefits, he didn’t like the jittery nervous feeling it gave him. What started as a thought of, “I bet I could make a better product” turned into Dark Mountain, an energy and recovery supplement company. Bigger than that, the Dark Mountain brand is one that’s encouraging us all to “do hard things.”

The GoWild™ team takes pride in finding high-quality products and brands to work with and help grow, and Dan has that and more. His company is growing like wildfire, and he makes a quality product. We’ll soon have a video review from one of our ambassadors, but in the meantime, Dark Mountain is sponsoring a GoWild Giveaway.

Dark Mountain Workout Supplements

Kodiak Pre-Workout

This product gives you high levels of energy and heightened focus. It has an effective dose of beta-alanine for performance and is blended from the ripest melons of all the Rockies.

Mtn Opps competitor workout

Kodiak Post-Workout

When you work hard, you need to recover hard, too. This product is a blend of everything your body needs to have a strong, healthy recovery from any strenuous activity. It uses glutamine and electrolytes to help you bounce back faster, and stronger, and supplements your recover with BCAA, which help muscle growth while aiding in the repair and reduction of muscle soreness.

Whey Protein Good

Rocky Mountain Whey

Dan and his team went through 36 iterations of this product to tweak it to be just right. This whey protein mixes well, tastes great and has 22 grams of protein per scoop.

workout water bottles

Backcountry & Shaker Bottles
Included are two sexy bottles from Dark Mountain, one for your mixes, and another for your adventures.

Enter to Win
You can enter to win this incredible package by finding the Giveaways Trail in the GoWild app, and commenting on the most recent post about Dark Mountain.


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