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  • Giveaway: Custom Harvest Decals and Tumbler from TrophyStickers

Giveaway: Custom Harvest Decals and Tumbler from TrophyStickers

Giveaway: Custom Harvest Decals and Tumbler from TrophyStickers
January 21, 2018
TrophySticker Decal



The buck deer skull decal is about as expected on the back of a hunter’s truck as the person in camo is driving it. It’s a statement about your lifestyle, appreciation for nature and, most importantly for us, your food source.

But up until now, we’ve all been buying generic imagery of other people’s bucks. How cool would it be to commemorate your buck with a decal designed to show his unique character and stats?

If you thought, “Yeah, that’d be schaweeeeet.” Then you’re in luck. That exact product is this week’s giveaway in the app.

About TrophyStickers

TrophyStickers takes photos of your wild game and turns it into custom decals. To be clear—they’re not using a template. These are uniquely designed to represent your animal’s unique traits. The TrophyStickers team mostly creates images of deer, but can also do moose, elk and caribou for antlered animals, and recently created a product that can recreate the euro mount for your bear, coyote, wolf or wild boar.

Long-time followers of the GoWild™ story will recall TrophyStickers as one of our first giveaways we did on our Instagram account. We’ve known John, the founder, for about a year and in all this time, one thing rings true: He’s proud of his product, and that means he takes the time to do it right. There are probably ways John could automate his designs, but he doesn’t. He and his team take the time to perfectly recreate your buck (or other animals—more on that in a second). You can read more about John’s process in this article from Harvesting Nature.

What’s Up for Grabs

We’ve partnered with John to bring GoWild’s users a chance to win some sweet swag from TrophyStickers. We’ll have two winners—one decal, and one engraved tumbler the color of your choice. Winners can have their own tumbler engraved, or TrophyStickers will provide its standard steel tumbler.

To enter to win, find the recent post from GoWild in the Giveaways Trail. 

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