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  • Giveaway: Big Game Supplements from Rack One

Giveaway: Big Game Supplements from Rack One

Giveaway: Big Game Supplements from Rack One
September 8, 2019

Every Buck Has The Genetic Potential For Greatness. Rack One Unleashes That Genetic Potential.

Just like we transform our own health and bodies based on what we eat, the health of whitetail deer — and its potential to grow trophy racks — is heavily influenced by their diet.

The year-round Rack One system is based on science and nutrition to not only help the herd achieve optimum health, but condition them to return to the site time and time again. The result? A lineage of superior deer with exemplary genetics and trophy racks: a gift that keeps giving for generations.

Deer hunting attractant

Who Developed Rack One? 

The Rack One Whitetail System is the brainchild of Chris and Casey Keefer: hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and hosts of fan favorite shows like Outdoor Channel’s Dropped and Rival Wild on the Sportsman Channel. Combining their passion for hunting, their studies of whitetail behavior, and their robust land management background, the brothers developed Rack One as a systematic process to grow trophy racks and improve herd health from year to year. The duo partnered with outdoor lifestyle powerhouse Arcus Hunting to introduce Rack One to passionate, resourceful hunters across the nation.

What Exactly Is Rack One? 
The Rack One Whitetail System is a year-round, feed-based system designed to unlock the genetic potential of whitetail deer. There’s nothing like this system on the market; it is the first of its kind specifically designed for hunters to use throughout the year.

There are three phases of the Rack One system based on the different stages of a deer and a hunter’s life: Grow, Scout, and Hunt. Each phase contains different, corresponding products: Thrive & Xcellerator during the Grow phase, Amped during the Scout phase, and Rut Fuel during the Hunt phase. The products are designed to target specific stages of a whitetail’s nutritional needs during that time of year.

Science-based with proven results, Rack One is a premium method to fuel your opponent and establish a thriving herd. The minerals from the supplements give the deer what they need, while the attractants help the hunters get what they want.

Big Game Peanut Butter is a year-round supplement that really reels the big game into your favorite hunting spot. Big Game Peanut Butter has the highest fat and protein content on the market: an unrivaled 44% fat and 22% protein content that deer naturally crave and occur naturally in shelled peanuts. More fat equates to more fuel that deer can harness throughout the energy-expending rut and bitter cold winters.

The peanuts packed in Big Game Peanut Butter are all-natural, Georgia-grown. No matter what area of the country you live in, deer cannot refuse the undeniable aroma and taste of these peanuts. It’s in their nature to want it…and the aroma and taste will keep them coming back, again and again.

How to Enter

Download GoWild, tap the compass and find this Giveaway. 

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