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  • Giveaway: Beeswax Food Wraps by Kentucky Home Brands

Giveaway: Beeswax Food Wraps by Kentucky Home Brands

Giveaway: Beeswax Food Wraps by Kentucky Home Brands
January 7, 2018

GoWild™ Beeswax Wraps


As hunters, anglers, and most importantly, conservationists, we spend a lot of time talking about what we're doing for ecosystems. Outdoors enthusiasts are very in tune with nature and humans' negative impacts on it. By hunting and fishing for our own food, we can lessen the reach of factory farming and harmful chemicals used in meat and help shrink our own environmental footprint.

Being an outdoorsman or woman is a complex lifestyle with many emotions and reasons for why we do what we do, but for most of us, conservation runs deep in our blood. It's that innate drive to work within nature's constructs that made us think this was the perfect giveaway for Team GoWild.  

Every time you use a plastic baggie or plastic wrap, you're filling a landfill. These materials rarely find their way to a recycling bin, although they are recyclable. But there is a better way to tote your favorite snack, sandwich or even cover your bowls at home: Kentucky Home's Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax food wraps

About the Wraps

These things are cool. They come in a multipack with various sizes. You can use them to wrap your kid's lunch, or they're perfect for wrapping up a sandwich or large bowl of leftovers. When you wrap the food, the heat of your hand actually heats the wax just enough to create a perfect seal, keeping your food fresh. 

The wraps are 100% biodegradable. So if you lose one in the woods, or just when you toss them at the end of their lifespan (they can easily make it a year of daily use), you know you're not harming the environment. 

Hunters will appreciate how much quieter they are than other food wrappers. No more crunchy sounds as you pull out lunch, and they won't glare in the sun as you eat.  

The Kentucky Home Beeswax Food Wraps are also made right here in the USA with domestic materials. The honey comes from Iowa, the pine resin hails from across the south, and the wraps themselves are handmade in Kentucky. They’re completely free of BPA, chemicals, and dye. They are exclusively sold on Amazon by Kentucky Home

Beeswax Food wraps

Enter the Giveaway

Users of the GoWild app can enter the Giveaway by finding the most recent post about Kentucky Home's Beeswax Giveaway, and comment on it. We'll provide several opportunities to enter throughout the week and draw four winners on Jan. 14. Good luck! 

Don't have the app? Hmm, we know an easy way to rectify that. Download the iOS app by clicking the button below. Don't worry Android users, your day is coming soon. 

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