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  • Giveaway: 6th Sense Lures Prize Box

Giveaway: 6th Sense Lures Prize Box

Giveaway: 6th Sense Lures Prize Box
April 22, 2018

Free fishing gear


OK, anglers (and those who want to be), we reeled in a great partner for this one. We have a boat load—literally—of 6th Sense Lures and swag to give out. 

As many of you know, our Chief Strategy Officer, John Hunter, also doubles as a pro angler. John is proudly sponsored by 6th Sense Lures, and has worked with Casey and the team for years. We're proud to extend that relationship and bring them into this week's giveaway. 
"When I’m on the water, I want to use nothing but the best. 6th Sense Lures makes that possible. Their products are second to none, and their innovative processes are constantly evolving to give anglers the edge on the competition," said John Hunter. 
Here's what's up for grabs:
About 6th Sense
6th Sense began with a custom painting crankbait operation in a Texas dorm room. The art of re-awakening a customer's old, faded fishing lure with a vibrant color scheme was something that caught anglers' attention. 6th Sense discovered a clever niche that was virtually missing from the fishing industry and decided to run with it. As demand increased, the 6th Sense brand evolved into the highly reputable fishing tackle supplier that it is today.
How to Enter
Pull out your GoWild™ app. Tap the compass then find the Giveaways Trail. You'll find a post from us with a picture of the gear. Answer the question, and you're done!                                                                  

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