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  • Giveaway: 6 Month Subscription to Backcountry Fuel Box

Giveaway: 6 Month Subscription to Backcountry Fuel Box

Giveaway: 6 Month Subscription to Backcountry Fuel Box
March 25, 2018

Backcountry Fuel Box

6 Month Subscription to Backcountry Fuel Box | $200 Value

We found out about Cody Rich's podcast about a year ago, and like so many other GoWild™ users, we became hooked. We also knew it was the perfect place to get the word out about GoWild, so we partnered up with him and sponsored the show. Now, Cody's the one launching a company and we're proud to now have a great platform to help him get the word out. 

Cody launched Backcountry Fuel Box, a subscription box service that keeps your energy up for your outdoor adventures. Backcountry Fuel Box sends you everything—energy bars, lightweight meals, and all the snacks in between. By subscribing, you don't have to find and curate the latest and greatest in snacks, packs, and lightweight meals shipping. And, it all gets shipped right to your front door. No more last minute stops for over-priced rations, saving you both time and money on your next adventure!

The boxes are up to a $50 value, but Cody and his team only charge you a flat $33.30. Seriously. That's it. While that's a crazy deal, you know what's crazier? Free! Cody is giving away not one, two or even three boxes within the GoWild platform. Cody is giving away a six month subscription to Backcountry Fuel Box! 

Enter to Win

Open up your GoWild app on iPhone or Android, find the giveaway in the Giveaways Trail, and answer the question on the post about this product. 

NOTE: Comments on our blogs are great, but they will not be entered in the giveaway. The only way to enter is through the app! 


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