Get Your 2019 GoWild Recap

Get Your 2019 GoWild Recap
December 20, 2019

Your 2019 GoWild™ Recap Is Ready to View!

Take a look at how you spent 2019 in the great wide open, which topics you were most interested in and how you used GoWild to interact with other like-minded outdoors enthusiasts!

To see your custom 2019 GoWild Recap:

  1. Make sure you have the latest app version (iOS update) (Android update)
  2. Simply open the GoWild app
  3. Tap on the alert message at the top of your Trailmix to take you to your personalized recap OR
  4. You'll also have a message waiting from us in your GoWild direct messages with a link to your personalized recap!
  5. Screenshot or share the link to show off your outdoor skills! 


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