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From Field to Plate Sweepstakes Winner Announced

From Field to Plate Sweepstakes Winner Announced
August 1, 2018

Sponsored by SIXSITE

As many of you know, GoWild™ has partnered with From Field to Plate and SIXSITE to promote hunter recruitment with a sweepstakes valued at over $4,500. The sweepstakes ran for 2 months, and collectively generated nearly 3,000 new hunters and anglers for 2018. 

"I know this is a drop in the bucket in what the industry needs, but we're proud to be working with people and brands who understand that if we all just work together, these small efforts can eventually create bucket loads of new hunters and anglers," said GoWild Co-Founder Brad Luttrell. "For being as young of a company as we are, we're proud to see our little ol' community be this activated and inspired to jump in and solve this R3 issue."

Team GoWild sat down on August 1 and called one random winner for the sweepstakes. You can listen to the episode above to see who won and just how that announcement went. 

The winner will join GoWild Co-Founders Brad Luttrell and Donovan Sears on an all-expense-paid hunting trip to Texas, where wild game chef Jeremiah Doughty will teach his process of hunting, butchering and cooking whitetail. SIXSITE will outfit the winner in their USA-made, high-quality camo. 

"We want to give back to those who are giving," said Doughty. "I want to be a part of the winner's life, because this will be a person who is pledging to help make an impact."

Note: There is no video. Sorry. 


Founded in 2015, SIXSITE is a high-performance hunting and outdoor apparel and gear provider. Its products are Navy SEAL-designed, built in the U.S. and constructed with tactical knowledge about how to make gear work best. SIXSITE operates on three core principles – produce gear designed by and made to satisfy the demands of a veteran U.S. Navy SEAL; build in America – always have, always will; and offer gear that delivers a great value and experience for the outdoors.

Users of GoWild and listeners of Restless Native may recall SIXSITE's founder, Stephen Holley, joining GoWild Co-Founder Brad Luttrell for a podcast. The show is highly regarded as one of the best Restless Natives yet by many listeners. Listen to the interview to learn more about the company's founder, his goals and why it was important to him to create a product that was made in the USA. 

GoWild is proud to partner with a company with such a strong belief system and great products. Learn more about SIXSITE's products.

Restless Native is Brought to you by Houston Safari Club Foundation

This episode of Restless Native is brought to you by Houston Safari Club Foundation. GoWild is working with Houston Safari Club Foundation, and you know about some of the conservation efforts this group participates in.

This is an amazing organization, that is not only funding conservation efforts, they’re helping kids further their education, learn how to get outdoors and actively tackle R3 efforts.

Houston Safari Club Foundation has put $2.1 million into scholarships for hunters. That is, they are paying for scholarships to kids who are proven outdoors enthusiasts with hunting backgrounds. These are future decision makers and educators. They tackle Hunter Recruitment first hand with outdoor programs that have introduced hundreds of students to hunting experiences and career opportunities.

Houston Safari Club Foundation has also provided $3.5 million in hunter-funded programs for habitat and wildlife improvements, anti-poaching and outdoor education.

Members can connect with individuals from diverse fields, sharing a passion for hunting. Go back and listen to Joe’s interview if you missed it—he talks about all kinds of amazing events they host for these efforts.  

Members also enjoy an active community, with monthly events and of course, the annual convention where members gather to socialize and share experiences.

Learn more: hscfdn.org.

Don't miss National Conservation Week.

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