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Episode 4: William Eschner

Episode 4: William Eschner
April 3, 2018
William Eschner
"If you're going to try for something, and it makes you happy, continue to do it. I've had my fair share of messing up in life, but you have to be patient." - William Eschner 
William Eschner is a hunter, angler and professional chef. And I do mean chef. This guy has worked at some incredible establishments, and has cooked for a ton of celebrities, whom you know (and we'll reveal their names in the show). He's worked with the James Beard House, Locali, Martha Stewart (whoops, and that's not even the celebrity I was talking about) and caters some huge events. Usually I'm impressed by a chef's specialties and/or vision for their meals. I haven't had William's food, but I've still be amazed all he's able to do within the same work week I'm dealing with. I question whether or not he's human. 
We'll actually talk about the possibility of non-humans cooking your food and about 100 other things. This conversation was all over the place, and it's a fun one. William and I both have a dead pan style of humor, so if at some point you feel like you missed a joke, you probably did because it was like your school's meatloaf—too dry. Sorry. 
We also hit a Q&A at the end of the show. Be sure to stick around to see if I answered your question. If you want to ask a question for the next show, just let me know. My email isn't hard to track down. 


  • Cooking without recipes.
  • Poke sallet will kill you.
  • Innovation & William's background.
  • How our food pallets change & the Millennial impact on restaurants.
  • Meeting Chevy Chase & how to make honey.
  • Protecting the hive by getting bears drunk.
  • The Super Soaker 50 & the swarm attack’s Brad’s neighbor’s house and Brad’s eternal grounding.
  • Brewing beer and buying breweries.
  • Strapping babies to your chest for upland hunts.
  • Is turkey hunting hard or does Brad just suck? Well, we know hunting deer is hard, unless the deer hunts you.
  • William’s favorite cut of venison. And is wild meat actually gamey?
  • Processing your own meat is the way to go. Oh, and eating the balls.
  • Making millions in the restaurant game.
  • High end, gourmet dog treats? Yes.
  • The process of brining and how that works.
  • What’s tongue taste like on your tongue?
  • Parting thoughts (and more about the drunken bear).
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