Coming Soon: GoWild 3.0 & Garmin Integration

Coming Soon: GoWild 3.0 & Garmin Integration
January 1, 2019

Upcoming GoWild™ release integrates with Garmin Connect IQ Devices

Legends don’t magically appear like a hero in a fairytale—they happen by busting your tail and logging your 10,000 hours. The upcoming GoWild app update allows you to log every second of your story with robust activity tracking, utilizing your phone’s GPS, or the new GoWild Legend integration with Garmin watches.

In addition to the all new in-app activity tracking, GoWild 3.0 displays trophy details in full, redesigns wild game recipes, simplifies posting and time logs, makes trophy logs easy and much more.

Whatever you need to share your outdoor pursuit, GoWild 3.0 has it. More info coming soon. Very soon. 

Our app will be compatible with:

Garmin fenix 5X | Garmin fenix 5X Plus | Garmins fenix 5SGarmin Tactix Charlie

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