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Coaching Matters | Get a Fitness Coach For Hunting

Coaching Matters | Get a Fitness Coach For Hunting
January 31, 2023

by Jeremy Koerber, Fit to Hunt

Brace yourself: The New Year has dawned and with it will come a plethora of gym marketing, fat loss solicitations, program pitches, and more! It can be overwhelming and without the right team in your corner, may not produce the result you envision. Make no mistake, we want you to move. It’s the whole premise behind #FitToHunt, but what follows in the next few paragraphs will be the difference between another year of regret or truly being prepared for your outdoor adventures.


The right program

Spoiler Alert: The best exercise program is the one you will do consistently. It does not matter if it is a morning regimen of push-ups, air squats, or tube rows, consistent activity will improve performance in the field. The big question is, which program? The Internet is full of both free and paid exercise programs. There are boot camps and personal training studios in every town. Online coaching allows fitness professionals to train you anytime, anywhere. How do you make a decision? It could come down to things like:

  • Age and fitness level
  • Ability to train (time and commitment level)
  • Available equipment (home or commercial gym)
  • Level of discipline and how hard you like to train
  • The credentials and experience of the coach
  • Do you feel the vibe of the program and/or coach

A lot of programs, including ours, may contain exercises like burpees and kettlebell swings but those are not one size fits all movement patterns. And we have trained many clients to prepare for elk hunts without ever prescribing a burpee or explosive movement due to orthopedic issues. The bottom line is, whatever you do, if you are even 10% better than you are today, you will perform better. Figure out the style and vibe of the program that fits your personality and preferences then get after it!

Making an investment

How do you buy? Is it based on emotion, logic, or a bit of both? Everyone wants to train until they find out the cost of the program, trainer, or workout module, but let me ask you this: How much are you paying for that upcoming hunt? How much gear have you purchased in the last year? If you are in need of improving your physical ability to chase turkeys this spring or have booked a bucket list elk hunt in Montana this fall, you need to change your mindset from price points to investing in the most important piece of hunting gear you own; you. Can you do this on your own?  Maybe but what I would recommend is looking at previous years. If you fizzle out on your fitness goals in only a few weeks, hiring a coach may be the thing you need to prepare for your hunt and build the lifestyle that allows you to hunt for a lifetime.

Earning our money

I have been creating functional fitness programs for clients for 25 years and if you combine the years of service of the #FitToHunt team, we have roughly 45 years of experience helping clients build sustainable lifestyles. Creating workouts is easy. Helping clients navigate through the minefield of life is where we earn our money. A coach will look at things through a different lens, and will be able to help with mindset, discipline, movement & nutritional adjustments and overall support. If done right, you will also have a lifelong friend. This is the main difference between finding a random program on Google vs. entering a community of like-minded individuals who have one goal: Helping you achieve yours!

Where are you stuck? We love connecting with our friends on GoWild. Please shoot us a direct message through the app or email us at info@stayfittohunt.com

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