December 16, 2019
Brad Luttrell

Brad is an award-winning copywriter, creative director & digital marketer, but his friends mostly know him for his smoked venison chili.

Brad is the vision behind GoWild. He's scaled an idea born in a basement over pizza and beer to a platform being utilized by some of the biggest brands in the outdoors (Garmin, Polaris, Inc., National Wild Turkey Federation, First Lite) to reach thousands of hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

GoWild™ was recognized as one of the hottest sports startups in the world by Stadia Ventures when it was selected for Stadia's accelerator program. GoWild beat out 200+ companies from across 40 countries to be selected for the program, which works with Under Armour, Garmin, Polaris, Inc., Topgolf, NASCAR and thousands more. GoWild started the accelerator in March 2019. 

Brad attended the University of Kentucky, where he worked for the student newspaper for four years, eventually working his way up to Editor and Chief. He won a William Randolph Hearst Award (Pulitzer Prize of college journalism), and graduated with a communications degree.

He previously founded several small companies, including a digital music magazine. The magazine failed, and he walked away from the profitable photography agency he had founded for his first job in advertising. In five years Brad worked his way up from an entry level assistant to a Creative Director of OOHology, one of the top digital agencies in Louisville, Ky. He was named one of the top 10 advertising professionals under 30 years old by the American Advertising Federation of Louisville, and has several awards for his copywriting, creative direction, and photography. Throughout his career, he's worked with Polaris, Inc., Garmin, First Lite, Zig-Zag, and 21c Museum Hotels. He’s worked on hundreds of branding, website and digital marketing projects.

Brad’s a self-described decent-at-best-but-passionate hunter, angler and outdoorsmen. That passion led him to seek to learn more, and when technology failed him, the concept of GoWild was born.  


Zack’s made a career out of mining data, making predictions and turning that data into marketing insight worth millions of dollars.

When Zack, Donovan and Brad met, Zack was creating geospatial analyses and statistical optimizations of nationwide media plans. It was cutting edge thinking around marketing that’s still years ahead of how many agencies approach their work.

Zack graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ball State University with a Bachelors of Science in Advertising Research, and minors in both Sociology and Marketing. He also maintained a 4.0 GPA for his Master's Degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. A mere two years after he graduated from Ball State, he won the American Advertising Federation of Louisville’s most prestigious award, the Hot 10.

Zack left marketing agencies to jump into big data with one of the hottest startups in Louisville, Splash Analytics. He taught himself to program in several languages, and built incredible statistical models and machine learning algorithms for Fortune 500 companies. Zack is well versed in R, Python, SAS, SQL, SPSS Modeler, D3.js and Tableau. His success at Splash landed him working at Humana, where as a Senior Data Analyst, he built predictive models for cost analysis. 

At GoWild, Zack is the man behind our sophisticated advertising targeting, proprietary and patent-pending scoring algorithm, and the content algorithm. He is also, without question, the best damned beard grower at the company. Like, it’s not even close. 

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