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Beau Martonik: Whitetail Hunting Strategies

Beau Martonik: Whitetail Hunting Strategies
September 23, 2020

Hunting whitetail on public land has its share of challenges. Knowing where to go, how and when to call, and what tactics to use are the difference between a boring sit in the woods and filling your freezer. Beau Martonik, from East Meets West, shares what he's learned as an avid public land whitetail hunter in Northern Pennsylvania. The region he hunts is some of the most highly pressured public land for hunting whitetail deer. Beau explained his tactics for calling whitetail on public land, whitetail hunting around pressure, grunting, bleating, rattling, snort wheezing calling frequency, and more.

Gear Mentioned:



Primos Doe Bleat Can

Grunt Tube

Montana Foldable 2d Whitetail Decoys

Mad Hyper Growl


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