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Applications are Open: Here's Your Chance to Be a Pro

Applications are Open: Here's Your Chance to Be a Pro
December 12, 2017

Pro Staff

 Your Legendary Status Awaits

You put in your time outside. You're hunting and fishing more and more every year. You've built up your network through great content. And you want to keep growing. 

It's time you put all of that influence to work.

GoWild is opening a limited number of spots for a Pro Staff team. This ain't your grand pappy's pro program, either. Per the usual, we're going big. 

What are the Pro Staff Perks?

  • Wild amounts of our swag shipped to you every 3 months. 
  • Insider access to products and samples from GoWild's Brand Partners.
  • Social media support from GoWild's team—we'll help you grow your audience. 
  • "Pro Staff" indication on your GoWild™ profile (coming soon).
  • * The GoWild Pro Status is considered a partnership that can be terminated by either party without cause. Pro Team members are required to wear and support GoWild apparel during and for any of the following: all online and social media profile photos, events, boat shows, trade shows, tournaments, photoshoots, and any other industry related event. Ambassador status and Pro Team members are held to a high standard and are expected to represent the GoWild brand image, and the outdoors lifestyle, in ways that are considered positive and morally correct. Team benefits are strictly for the approved member. You agree you will not reach out to any of GoWild's Brand Partners directly or indirectly. You agree you will not wear competitor apparel or promote competitor products. Any abuse of this privilege is considered a direct violation and will result in immediate termination of this agreement. By checking the box above, you agree to the terms and conditions.
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