Anthony Ferro: Hunting Dog Training Secrets & Gear

Anthony Ferro: Hunting Dog Training Secrets & Gear
August 28, 2020

Bird dog training is vital to successful hunts and healthy dogs. A finely tuned gun dog will make your hunting season a lot more fun. Anthony Ferro is one of the greats. He is the owner of Fetching Feathers, the kennel he runs, where he prepares hunting dogs for the hunting seasons ahead of them.

Gear Mentioned:



Eukanuba Performance 30 protein 20 fat 


Garmin Alpha 100 Dog GPS 

DT Collars: H2O 1830+ 

Safety & First Aid

Field Stapler 

Blood clotting gauze 


EMT Gel 

Musher's Secret

Lewis boots 

IV bag

Self sticking prewrap 

Athletic Tape 

Forceps  Odoban

Favorite Gear

CZ Sharp-Tail 

DT Launcher 500 series

Sage and Breaker Gun Cleaning Kit 

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