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State Agency Advertising Applications

March 20, 2020

GoWild™ Offering $250K in Free Advertising to State Fish & Wildlife Agencies
To Promote the Sale of Hunting & Fishing Licenses 

All States Can Apply to Receive $5,000 in Targeted Marketing 

GoWild is partnering with agencies to fight the economical impact of the coronavirus. Hunting and fishing generate billions of dollars annually, provide peace of mind, and feed the family. We firmly believe in there has never been a more important time in modern history to get outside to hunt and fish. 

Effectively immediately, GoWild is offering $5,000 in free advertising to any state fish and game agency to promote hunting and fishing license sales. The company aims to generate revenue for states’ wildlife management departments and local businesses, promote state parks for hiking, and help families procure food.  

**Opportunity expires Dec. 31, 2020 unless noted here by said date**

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