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  • Abu Garcia, Shakespeare, Zebco, Shimano and St. Croix in the house!

Abu Garcia, Shakespeare, Zebco, Shimano and St. Croix in the house!

Abu Garcia, Shakespeare, Zebco, Shimano and St. Croix in the house!
April 15, 2020

Abu Garcia, Shakespeare, Zebco, Shimano and St. Croix in the house!

You can now find more fishing brands than ever in GoWild™ Gearbox. Products from Abu Garcia, Shakespeare, Zebco, Shimano, St. Croix and more have all been added. Start searching so you can add to your gear or Setups, write reviews, read about each product and tag gear in posts to create discussions!

Abu Garcia

Many anglers talk about the Abu Garcia brand being one of the top brands in their setups. We've added their baitcasters, spinning reels, round reels, rods and combos. Their series of low profile reels features one of the most sought after reels on the market – the Abu Garcia Black Max Fishing Reel.


The Shakespeare brand offers something for everyone in the family. From the popular Ugly Stik, to the Catch More Fish Kits, and even Disney or Star Wars licensed kids products - you can now find them all in Gearbox.


Zebco was started when a Texas watchmaker came up with the idea for the first spincast reel. They offer a range of products for any skill level including rods, reels, combos, tackle boxes and fish attractants. We've even included their Bullet Spincast Reel that is faster than all spincast reels!


Shimano is a fishing industry leader in innovation providing cutting edge technology in fishing systems. We have introduced their quality fishing reels, fishing rods and fishing lures into Gearbox.

St. Croix

St. Croix provides premium quality casting, spinning, saltwater and ice fishing rods made in the USA. Amongst these, included in Gearbox, is their Imperial and Legend series rods for anglers interested in Fly Fishing.

What do you do with all this gear?

  • Add Gear To Your Wishlist: If you see a piece of gear you want but aren't ready to make a purchase, add it to your Wishlist and keep an eye on the prices in one place!
  • Ask For Recommendations: Ask a question to GoWild members by creating a post and tagging gear in it. The GoWild community loves to drop knowledge
  • Create Setups: Add the gear you already own to a Setup to easily show off or recommend your collection to others.
  • Buy Gear: Once you're ready to purchase gear, buy it through Gearbox. Remember, 1% of proceeds from all purchases made in Gearbox are donated to Conservation groups!

To learn more about Gearbox and how to create Setups, tag gear and more, check out our Gearbox Tips and Tricks

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