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  • A Wild Year: GoWild Celebrates Its First Birthday

A Wild Year: GoWild Celebrates Its First Birthday

A Wild Year: GoWild Celebrates Its First Birthday
September 28, 2018

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 How did that happen?

In what feels like both the blink of an eye, and also the longest period of our lives, GoWild™ has turned a year old. 

We launched September 2017 on iPhone only, with Android following soon after. Since then, we've met some of the best people in the world via this platform. We've watched a community—which users self-dubbed the Wolf Pack—blossom into what is now one of the best places to go for outdoors content, hunting and fishing advice and entertainment. 

"This community is way more than an app," said Dane Myers, an early adopter of the platform. "I've made friendships that will last a lifetime."

Friendships like Dane's have connected users throughout the country and the world. The GoWild app has reached over 40 countries. And not only has the group grown, they've been active. Since last September, GoWild users have logged enough meat to make 720,000 1/4 pounder burgers, over 5,000 bass, and over 60,000 hours outside. 

"As proud as I am for what's happened so far, it's the future that excites me," said Brad Luttrell, Co-Founder and CEO of GoWild. "We're just getting warmed up, and I can promise that in 2019, this platform is going to change how people think of outdoors activity."

If you're not on GoWild, download it today. It's available on Android or iPhone

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