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Why Saddle Hunt With Knee Pads? | Tethrd Knee Pads

Why Saddle Hunt With Knee Pads? | Tethrd Knee Pads
April 1, 2022

By: Jeremy Dinsmore

Comfortability seems to be one of the main reasons people end up making the switch to saddle hunting or mobile hunting, in general. When it comes to dialing in your “systems”, a common theme tends to pop up relating to comfort: to knee pad or not to knee pad?!

Well, I am here to tell you why I like to have some sort of cushion for my knees while hunting from a saddle. There are two main forms for relieving stress on the knees: wear knee pads or have some sort of foam pad that wraps around the tree.

Before I break down each way, let’s get into why I choose to wear knee pads.


Knee Pads: Comfort & Stability

It is pretty easy to understand that wearing knee pads will be more comfortable when you put your knees into the tree while you “sit” in the saddle.

If I were to time myself for how I position in the saddle for any hunt, I would bet I am 60/40 sitting. This is why I opt to wear knee pads for most, if not all, of my hunts.  I have tried to use just my backpack straps, but it is not as comfortable and it is noisier.

Having a pair of the Tethrd Knee Pads are perfect for any saddle hunter.

They were literally designed for saddle hunting! I owned a thick pair of Alta Flex 360 knee pads before, but they didn’t last beyond one season. They were also bulkier. The Tethrd knee pads, however, are double dosed with padding for ultra comfort, they are not bulky and they provide plenty of grip for stability in the tree!

That leads to my other key attribute as to why I like wearing knee pads and that is to be more stable.

I have practiced a lot of different shot opportunities, but when shooting from the saddle, I am most comfortable when I have a knee placed into the tree. Whether I need to swing around the tree for a strong side shot or complete a drop shot to my 6 with my right buried into the tree, having knee pads on allows me to be stable when shooting.

They allow me to be stable because of the honeycomb design to them. They grip the tree quietly and offer the ability to leverage around the tree easier and more efficiently.

So, whether you are looking for a pair of lightweight and no bulk knee pads or you are looking for a pair that grip tough into the tree for more stability, you should definitely check out the Tethrd Knee Pads.


The Knushion

The other saddle hunting knee cushion form is to use a pad of some sort.

I have seen hunters make their own out of a seat cushion and I have personally used the Tethrd Knushion before I transitioned to knee pads.

The Knushion is lightweight and a great option to help save your knees on a hunt. What I believe it comes down to is personal preference.

For me, it was just another item I had to set up on the tree to go along with all my camera gear, which I didn’t want. So instead, I optted for the knee pads that I just wear into the woods while walking to my hunting location. To this day, I have not had any issues with knee pads falling off or coming undone.

You honestly can’t go wrong with either of these options.

Again, I just think it boils down to what you like and how you hunt. If you know you sit more, then look into some sort of knee cushion/pads.  If you don’t, then an affordable and lightweight option is the Knushion.

Saddle up and enjoy the hunt!

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