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  • VIDEO: How to Remove Venison Shanks

VIDEO: How to Remove Venison Shanks

VIDEO: How to Remove Venison Shanks
December 14, 2020

When processing deer, deer shanks are often tossed aside. This sinewy cut can make it hard to grind and chewy if not cooked properly. However, if processed correctly and cooked properly (HINT: low and slow is the key) venison shanks can turn out tender and savory.

From Field to Plate's wild game chef, Jeremiah Doughty, shows how to remove venison shanks when butchering a deer. Check out the video below for the full details.

After butchering your deer and saving the deer shank, check out our shank recipes:
Recipe: Braised Venison Shanks

We also highlighted some detailed cuts from Jeremiah below. 

How to Remove Venison Shank

Jeremiah: You're gonna get it nice and loose and then take your knife and run it right along this bone. Separating this. Once you start to separate, you're going to see that knuckle actually comes in quite a ways if you bend it. You'll be able to feel with your finger where that knuckle is.

Jeremiah: Once you find out where that knuckle is you're going to come right in here. A lot of guys use saws and other things to try and break this off. For me, I like to figure out where that bone is - so there's the top, that ball bone (the hinge.)  Just come right into it and cut each side where the tendons are. You'll be able to see it come in there.

Jeremiah: Then you're going to come right in here at this top and make an incision in that tendon. 

Jeremiah: Then you're going to want to break this - right here in between. Once you break that center tendon that's holding the two bones together, it's just all about making a nice, clean, straight down cut

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