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Deer Processing - How to Cut Knuckle Roasts

Deer Processing - How to Cut Knuckle Roasts
February 12, 2021

Wild game chef, Jeremiah Doughty, gives us a demonstration on how the cut the venison knuckle roast to get the most meat from the deer. The deer knuckle is a cut of meat from the hind leg of the deer that is perfect for roasts or deer steaks. 

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Processing Venison Knuckle Roast

Jeremiah: Here is where we are going to have the knuckle roast. A lot of guys leave a lot of the knuckle roast meat.
processing deer knuckle roast

Jeremiah: You're gonna come just like you did the ball roast and come right in to that bone as well.

Jeremiah: And follow it around to the bone over on the other side.

Jeremiah: That's the knuckle roast.

Jeremiah: Then I'm going to come in here and trim up all this and utilize all this for ground. There's a bunch of meat in here we can take.

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