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  • Using Topwater Frogs for Big Bass Blowups

Using Topwater Frogs for Big Bass Blowups

Using Topwater Frogs for Big Bass Blowups
June 28, 2021


In week 3 of the GoWild Bass Fishing tournament, anglers are encouraged to use frog lures. GoWild Team Member, Jacob Knight, explains how the topwater frog is a great option for catching Summer bass. There are certain frogs that work best so Jacob shares his favorite. He also explained his tip for making sure bass don't miss the hooks on the frog to increase your chance of actually landing most of the bass that strike your frog! 

You can join the GoWild Bass Fishing tournament any time during the tournament. All skill levels are welcome! Compete for weekly prizes and one grand prize featuring a Garmin Instinct, Rod & Reel package, lure package and GoWild Gear. Sign up to join the GoWild Bass Fishing tournament. The tournament runs from June 14th - July 11th, 2021.

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Jacob: So welcome to week three of the goat wild bass fishing tournament for 2021. this week is probably my favorite week we're going to be fishing top water frogs or if you want to fish you know a soft plastic frog that you can swim it's kind of up to you but we're just fishing frogs and uh you know this that i've got here is a hollow body top water frog i like to fish this stuff on straight braid and that would be my recommendation especially going to be getting in the nasty stuff and the grass or if you're somewhere where there's lily pads you're going to want that extra strength to be able to rip those fish out of that cover and you know i've had them go down into the lily pads and not be on braid and it's a it's a chore to try and get them back out so i would recommend fishing these guys on straight braid and i prefer something that has double hooks and again that hollow body to give me a little better hookup ratio my number one tip for anybody that's going to start fishing frogs for the first time is to trim up the legs so usually when you buy these at the store they're going to be about twice as long as they are right now i cut them back to about half there are some companies that sell them already trimmed so you'll just want to keep an eye on that but that is the when i started trimming those legs back i started having a lot better hookup ratios so the bass wouldn't short strike it and just get the legs they would get the whole thing tip number two on fishing frogs especially if it's a top water frog you want to let the bass take it for a little bit so you're you know especially if you're new to it your instinct is going to be to set that hook immediately as soon as the bass takes it give it a couple seconds let the bass get the whole thing in its mouth before you set the hook i usually try to do two seconds sometimes you know it's just i still miss them because i'm too anxious so just slow down make sure you give them a chance to get the whole thing in their mouth now when i'm fishing these i'm going to be throwing them around cover frogs live around the edge of the ponds they swim out a little bit but predominantly going to be around the edge of the pond so when you're fishing them you want to be casting parallel to the bank or if you're in a boat straight at the the bank and bringing it back out from the bank if there's structure that the frog can sit on it's good to give it a rest paddle it out a little bit there's a gap in that structure let it sit for a second and that's usually when the bass will come up and strike it when it hits one of those holes in the grass or the weeds is where they'll come up and hit it again one of my favorite ways to fish for bass especially in the summertime when the frogs are out and lively so get out there catch some frog fish and enjoy it all right so go get those week three frog fish don't forget to tag your frog in your trophy post i'm looking forward to seeing the frog fish that come out of this they're always a ton of fun

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