Tips for Whitetail Public Land Hunting in the South

Tips for Whitetail Public Land Hunting in the South
September 29, 2021

Parker McDonald from Southern Ground Hunting (YouTube & Podcast Show) is one of the most successful southern public land hunters we know. He is known for finding and accessing the parts of public land that folks either miss or can't access. On this episode of Gearbox Talk, Parker pulls back the curtain on how he uses digital scouting and on-the-ground scouting to find shooter bucks consistently.

He also answers the following questions:

  • What are you looking for in hunting spots?
  • How do you pursue public land where there is plenty of pressure?
  • How does public land vary across different regions?
  • How do you adjust your gear for non-scouted hunts?
  • What is your calling strategy on southern public land (this one may surprise you!)

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