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  • Tim Kennedy | Texas Hog Hunting Gear (2020)

Tim Kennedy | Texas Hog Hunting Gear (2020)

Tim Kennedy | Texas Hog Hunting Gear (2020)
December 10, 2020

Tim Kennedy has slayed thousands of hogs in Texas. In this episode Tim breaks down his 2 hog hunting setups. First up is his ground rifle, optics, laser and ammo. Next is his helicopter hog hunting gear, his rifle, optics, and laser. Tim Kennedy shares a little bit about his strategy for taking out multiple hogs in one line instead of just nailing a single hog as well as how he approaches shot placement on hogs.
Tim Kennedy has a background in MMA and the Special Forces. His career in both is incredible. As a Special Force sniper, Army Ranger and outdoorsman he has a deep understanding of hunting and the gear necessary to stack up hogs. 

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Gear Mentioned:


Leupold Mark 6 M6C1 1



Black Hills Ammunition 5.56x45mm Nato 70gr Gmx Ammo


LASERMAX Spartan Rail Mounted Green Laser/Light Combo


PSE 16" 300AAC Blackout MOE M-Lok Rifle


Atn Pvs14 Night Vision Monocular

Leupold D-Evo Scope

Red Dot


Show Notes



Brad: We're 30 shows deep and I have one question for you faithful Gearbox Talk listener do you want more Tim kennedy the people have spoken because the last show with Tim discussing his approach to everyday carry was one of the best shows we have ever done today we're talking to the american sniper about something he knows better than maybe anyone I have ever talked to we're talking about tim's hog hunting setup tim's going to reveal his entire setup the whole thing we're talking about his caliber of choice his optics his tactics hunting from a helicopter and we're gonna talk about tim's thoughts on eating wild hogs if that sounds awesome text this show to a buddy who also loves hog hunting text it right now and make sure you subscribe because I have guests like Tim on the show every single week this isn't even my last show about hog hunting this year cable smith is going to come on and we're going to talk about hog hunting in texas very soon at the very least can I get an upvote on this show on youtube or a review on the podcast all of the gear that Tim mentions is going to be dropped in the show notes and remember any of the purchases through the links will support go wild and we're going to donate a portion of our proceeds to a camp called raising my doors they teach kids to hunt fish shoot camp you can't do any better so if you're going to buy the gear anyways buy it through the links and let's support this awesome camp alright let's see what the green beret has to talk about shooting wild boars this is Gearbox Talk with Tim kennedy


Tim Kennedy I think I heard you once say that you've shot like thousands of hogs was that right 


Tim: Yes 


Brad: I think that makes you the foremost authority on hog hunting that I've had on the show so welcome to Gearbox Talk man 


Tim: Well just on the show but in in texas i'm i'm amateur hour 


Brad: It's like running run of the mill Texan right there alright man let's talk a little bit about your setup I know you do literally all types of hog hunting bow night day helicopter you can throw that in but what's your rifle set up for hog hunting 


Tim: So I have two approaches one's kind of a the nighttime hunt so I have a variable power optic so you know we'll we'll set up at sunset I love leupold I think they're they're the best I measure an optic off of how it performs in that hour of sunrise and sunset all optics all glass in the middle of the day with full light look really really similar but it's at like 6 15 in the morning when the sun hasn't crested the horizon yet and you have that weird blue light coming in that's when you really see the difference in a high level scope to a low level scope so I have a laser on this and so for for a sunset hunt for example with 556 on with this mark six variable power one to six power illuminated reticle suppressor I can get a hunt I can get a couple pigs on the ground before the sun sets at you know like a feeder and then the sun sets and I still am able to hunt for two or three hours after it so in a just on like an evening hunt you know you can put eight to ten pigs on the ground before you even get into the night time then i'm gonna hop into polaris or you know like even a go-kart which are really useful I think a lot of people don't think about taking a golf cart taking the top off and taking that front windshield off and they're really quiet and you just cruise around put some some wheels on it so with that you can spend as much money as you want on thermals and you know pvs 15s two tubes four tubes panoramic but I do just fine with one tube pbs14 and a zeroed laser so I have this laser zeroed at about 100 meters and you know I kind of thought of the gun just like i'm normally shooting but I take the decode like this I look over the gun so I cuz I have my optic right here so i'm still re managing recoil in the same way that I normally shoot and i'm still shooting like a normally shoot but i'm just visually looking at the laser and you know like duck hunting if you're gonna try and get a whole bunch of ducks you don't start with the lead pig you start with the last pig because if you shoot the lead pig they're just gonna scatter and go every which way so you'll see kind of the mama sal the the boss moving in the front and you'll see her little piglets behind her and then you'll see a couple of mid-sized sows behind her so you're gonna you're gonna start in the rear and you just start kind of like walking so all practice lays I'll put my laser on the the back pig and I'll kind of match their speed and I'll practice moving up and then I'll go back to the back pig because I got the pace put on fire and then I'll just start walking my rounds up going one line put five six pigs on the ground and yeah the sergeant york right yeah yeah I think that's what he did in the turkey trot yeah I love so round placements with you know gold or green tip like putting rounds right on shoulders so like taking structure so the animal can't run away you know worst thing you can do is wound a pig but here we're we're talking about an infestation of of varmints that we've never seen ever yeah so even with hunters in texas killing tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of pigs we didn't even dent the population growth mean 2019 to 2020. 


Brad: Yeah they breed so fast it's like what six months that they're ready to breed it's crazy 

Tim: Gestation happens a few months after birth and they can they can have multiple litters a year and each litter can have somewhere between six to 15 pigs 


Brad: Yeah I mean taking like 30 or 40 i'm i'm really bad at math but I think if you take like 30 or 40 percent of them there it's like no dent right there there's do you think that I've heard some some people say that they think they're starting to hit a carrying capacity in texas do you think that's accurate or are they still rampant 


Tim: No they're rampant yeah 


Brad: There's no stopping them? 


Tim: Yeah so this is kind of a similar setup I have a evo fixed with a red dot this was the 300 blackout with a visible laser on it and this thing you know is is the the helicopter pig killer I don't need the same range and I don't need the same suppressed elements as the 556 so that 300 blackout from the top you know i'm just putting it back into the hip and shoulder bones and it's just slaughter time oh I see my babies out 


Brad: alright is that a go right now or is that one more question 


Tim: You get one more question 


Brad: alright we'll do your favorite way to enjoy a wild hog what's your favorite way to cook one 


Tim: I think they're disgusting 


Brad: All of them you don't eat any of them 


Tim: No so if you get a really young sow that has been like on my parents property those things are essentially domesticated but like the hawaiian ground slow roast is the best way to do it or as slow and as low as you can possibly do on a traeger smoking it 


Brad: Yeah but you don't all the anything else though just not touching them just put them down alright man I should’ve ask you a different question 


Tim: It's just like that it's like I don't I don't want to eat rat this is texas rat 


Brad: Texas has got so much game I could see that you'd be like I got other things to eat man alright dude thanks for coming on I appreciate you doing the shows this was great 


Tim: Awesome take care 


Brad: Take care man thank you Tim Kennedy  that was awesome all the gear mentioned is in the show notes we're donating a percentage of our profits to Raise Em Outdoors


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