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Three Exercises to Focus on During Deer Season

Three Exercises to Focus on During Deer Season
November 1, 2021

By: Jeremy Koerber, Fit To Hunt

The rut is here! It is the Super Bowl of deer hunting but depending on your view, it may feel more like a marathon with two to four weeks of intense, grinding action in the woods.  You have trained all season to be ready for this moment but there are a few moves you can be performing that will keep your shoulders healthy, hips strong and reduce risk of injury in the field.  The best part?  They take minutes to perform, and they will help keep you #FitToHunt!

Archer’s Stability Hold

This is a great exercise to improve shoulder strength, stability and improve accuracy.  And it is simple.  Take a resistance band and a light weight plate (about the weight of your bow or slightly heavier) and run the band through the plate.  Grip the band in your bow arm so the plate dangles then raise your arm while simulating full draw.  Hold 10-30 seconds then repeat on your non-bow arm.  Do 2-3 sets per side.  Watch the entire demonstration above.

Prone Pole Push


Improving range of motion and rear shoulder strength is important to improve archery performance and reduce risk of injury. To perform this exercise, take a broom stick or PVC pole and lie on your stomach. Press the pole over your head and raise your chest off the ground. Pull the pole down to chin level then push it back to the out position; keep your chest raised the entire set. Perform 2-3 sets of 10 reps. Watch the entire demonstration above.

Single Leg DB/KB Pass

As we age, loss of balance and knee pain become more prevalent.  This exercise helps build balance, stability and reduces risk of knee injury. To perform stand on one leg and take a light weight in your right hand (we suggest beginners start with 2-5 pounds).  Bend your knee 20-30 degrees and hinge slightly forward. While pressing your knee forward (12 o’clock) begin passing the weight hand to hand taking it slightly away from your midline to challenge balance. Perform for reps or time. Watch the entire demonstration above.

Deer season is not the time to begin an exercise program but for those who have trained for this moment or hunters suffering from shoulder or knee pain, performing these moves 3-4 days a week will not hurt and most likely help them improve performance in the field.

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