The GoWild App As You Know It Is Gone. Here’s Why.

The GoWild App As You Know It Is Gone. Here’s Why.
June 23, 2021

A letter from our CEO & CoFounder, Brad Luttrell

Don’t panic—we didn’t scrap everything about the app, and I think you’ll come to love the new layout. 

But we did just release the biggest change since that first GoWild beta version back in 2017. 

Update your app to see these new features:
GoWild Google Playstore Update | GoWild iPhone Update

The first thing you are going to notice is your profile, notifications and the Gearbox tabs are gone from the bottom navigation. Don’t worry, it’s still accessible. I’m going to explain where all of this is within the new version of the app. 

But first, I want to explain why we made these changes.  

Profile, notifications and the Gearbox tabs are gone from the bottom navigation.

GoWild: A community discussing outdoor adventures and gear
GoWild is a free social media community designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts. We continue to see thousands of new members learning and polishing their skills with the help of the GoWild community. Much of that discussion revolves around gear, from the best fly rod to finding new boots for your first elk hunt. GoWild learns how people are using gear, we want to be able to better highlight gear we think you’d like, and filter out gear that underperforms. With that in mind, we have redesigned the app’s main screens. 

Introducing the Home Screen

Swipe up on the white tray at the bottom of your profile to access the Home screen.

Think of the Home Screen as your GoWild Dashboard. It is all about you. The Home Screen has a variety of content curated just for you:

  • Trending gear posts we think you’d like to see

  • Trending Gear Setups from the community

  • Special deals, exclusive to our members

  • Your wish list, monitoring items you’re following

  • Community announcements (such as this month’s fishing tournament, upcoming GoWild meetups, etc.)

  • Your social notifications and direct messages

  • Your profile sits behind the tray—just swipe the white tray down 

  • The GoWild Shop, where you can get fast and free shipping 

Update your app to see these new features:
GoWild Google Playstore Update | GoWild iPhone Update

Also, don’t forget your purchases through GoWild are supporting Raise ‘Em Outdoors, a camp that teaches kids outdoor skills, because we donate 1% of our proceeds to the outdoor nonprofit. 

The Trailmix is still your personalized feed
The same great content feed you’ve always loved can be found at the center button on the navigation. This content comes from Trails you follow, which are essentially forums for specific topics, and who you are buddies with. 

To adjust your Trails and the content you see tap the “Trailmix” button at the top of the feed, then tap “All Trails” and you can unfollow or follow topics. When you add someone as a Buddy, you’ll also see their content in the Trailmix. No two people will have exactly the same content in the Trailmix because we’re all following different Trails and have different Buddies. It’s part of what makes GoWild fun and special.

Posting still starts with a +
Posting is exactly as it was before. You can tap the + tab to share your outdoor adventures and the gear you’re using. Together, the community helps each other learn by tagging the gear we’re finding successful in the community. When you review those products, we’ll also notify your friends so they can learn from your experience in the field. We’re all getting better together with features like this.

A change for newbies
We have done away with the need to login to see content and gear. This lowers the barrier to information about the outdoors, which is at the core of our mission (“unlock the gate to the outdoors”). However, before a new member can comment on a post or interact with other members, they will need to provide a first name and last name. This helps us ensure we have a community of real people who genuinely want to interact with like-minded individuals in pursuit of their outdoor passions. 

If you are enjoying GoWild, I invite you to share it with a friend. This feature is now very accessible in your Home Screen tray (right next to your Direct Messages). If you have any questions, please email us at and we will get back with you promptly. 

Thank you for being a member of this community. We are as passionate as ever about helping people learn new skills and find the right gear for the job. 

Brad Luttrell
Cofounder, CEO

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