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Tethrd XL Predator Platform 2022 | XL Predator Vs. Predator

Tethrd XL Predator Platform 2022 | XL Predator Vs. Predator
March 28, 2022

By: Jeremy Dinsmore

When it comes to saddle hunting, one of my favorite pieces of gear to nerd out about is the platform.

The platform you stand on is a really important piece of equipment to use while saddle hunting. A platform helps you to maneuver in the saddle around the tree more efficiently and quietly.

Over the last two to three years of the saddle hunting craze, more and more companies have been designing platforms of all shapes, sizes and weights. Some platforms look like they were designed straight out of a Star Wars movie!

Your specific hunting needs will dictate which route you will most likely go when deciding the size of platform you want.

From my personal experience, I started out with the Gen 1 Tethrd Predator Platform. I loved the platform size and weight but felt it was too small for me since I was new to saddle hunting and wasn’t quite comfortable yet. I wanted something a little bit bigger. Luckily, not long after I began practicing my saddle hunting setup, Tethrd released their XL Predator Platform which is 40% larger than the standard platform. Immediately after trying out this platform, I knew this was the right setup for me.

Let’s dive into the XL specification and features.

Predator Platform XL Specifications & Features

  • Weight – 4 lbs
  • Width & Depth – 16.25 x 13 x 3.25
  • Weight Rated – 300 lbs
  • Price – $189.99

One of the key features that I love on the Predator XL Platform is the top and side traction. This allows for extra stability so your boot doesn’t slip.

The latest version (Gen 3) of the standard Predator Platform just added these features as well.

The XL is 40% larger than the standard and includes the upgraded leveling bolt. It is made out of cast aluminum for great strength and durability. Although it is bigger in size, you are still able to place this platform in any tree you want. I have hunted from larger diameter trees to very small diameter trees.

Again, the larger platform offers you more space for your feet to get comfortable and for you to shoot 360 degrees around the tree. Weighing in at just 4 pounds, it still keeps your overall setup on the lighter side.


Platform Comfort & Shootability 

Coming from treestand hunting my whole life, I was used to a bigger platform to stand on. With wearing a 9.5 boot, I didn’t have any issues with a smaller platform but still wanted a larger platform for an added sense of security and confidence in the tree.

When I first stood on the XL platform, I quickly realized that it was easier to “trust” my movement on this size of platform.

Where this really comes into play is when you need to make a “weak side” shot. When doing so, I don’t have to think about where my feet are located. I know there is enough room to move my feet correctly and just worry about my upper body movement. Because of the size, I feel more confident and comfortable when I need to maneuver around the tree for a shot opportunity.

Since the XL platform is wider than the original, I feel I have increased my shot opportunities.

For example, during one specific hunt this past hunting season, I was able to swing around the entire tree on my strong side by having my right foot touching the edge of the platform, my left foot on my climbing stick and left knee into the tree. This made me perfectly balanced when I drew my bow back and executed a great shot on a doe.

I don’t believe this shot would have been possible if it weren’t for the extra width that the XL platform provides.

Also, the reason for this type of shot, and why I did not take a weak side shot, was because limbs were blocking my view from the weak side. Because I was able to swing around the tree, I had a clear shot. This is a perfect example of trusting my equipment (platform) and hunting from a saddle

This larger platform design offers extreme comfort, 360 degrees of shootability, and is able to be placed in any tree. Considering these three attributes, I believe the Tethrd XL Predator Platform is worth looking at if you are in the market for a saddle platform. 

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