Sniper Storage

Sniper Storage
August 26, 2021

A few GoWild team members and I recently spent a few days in Southeastern Kentucky, shooting with one of the best snipers in the world. It was a blast (puns are always intended). 

Master Sergeant Jim Gilliland, a US Army Ranger sniper, holds the record for one of the longest successful shots in Iraq. The guy’s knowledge is incredible, and today, Jim travels the US applying his certain set of skills consulting with firearms brands, doing shooting competitions, and training. 

Jim travels in style in a significantly modded Dodge Ram. We were lucky enough to get to see everything from his built-in shooting platform to his in-bed storage system, and we shared it this week on Gearbox Talk. Check it out to get ideas on rigging up your ride to be better suited to your outdoor lifestyle.

Enjoy the show,

Brad Luttrell

Cofounder, CEO


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