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  • Send It Slam Artist Feature: Justin Wells

Send It Slam Artist Feature: Justin Wells

Send It Slam Artist Feature: Justin Wells
June 22, 2022

Fourth of a series: GoWild Cofounder, CEO, Brad Luttrell is sharing the stories behind how GoWild came to work with each Send It Slam artist.

When I first arrived in Lexington, Ky. for college, I kept seeing marquee signs that said “Fifth on the Floor.”

I didn’t get it.

Most of my life had been spent in Kentucky’s dry counties, tucked deep into the Appalachian mountains. Given you couldn’t buy or sell booze, we didn’t exactly have a happening music scene in Bell County in the 1990s. Bands prefer to play in proper music venues, and the closest thing we had was a roller skate rink that had a disco ball.

Given my lack of life experiences, it took some time to realize that “Fifth on the Floor” was a band, not a liquor promotion.

It’s unfortunate I never went to see that band when I had the chance. They’re no longer together, and over the last few years, I’ve come to be a fan of Fifth on the Floor’s music.

But fear not, there is a second act to this sad story—and the hero is Justin Wells.

Justin, the frontman for Fifth on the Floor, went on to have a very successful solo career that has taken him all over the country. His album “Dawn in the Distance” is an absolute gem, with “Going Down Grinnin” and “The Dogs” being a few of my personal favorites. In 2020, he dropped another heater with “The United State,” and while they’re all great, “The Screaming Song” is a powerful ballad worth checking out. He turned heads among our GoWild team when he dropped his cover of “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” too.

Bell County was at one time a centerpiece for the arts. The tourism director there, Jon Grace, has done a great job of bringing music back into the culture, and I recently attended the Laurel Cove Music Festival. It was the second for me, and the first for my cofounders, Zack and Chris, who made the journey down just for the show.

This was my first time getting to see Justin Wells, as well as Abby Hamilton, another Send It Slam performer. Justin made an impression on not only me, but the media that was in attendance, too. He was among Wide Open Country’s top 10, as was Abby and Cole Chaney with Wolfpen Branch.

I got to talk with Justin on Friday. He wasn’t playing until Saturday, so I thought it said a lot about his character that he came out to hang out with the other artists and see the show. He’s a big guy with a beard and long hair. In fact, if you told a stranger he was cast as a viking in an upcoming Netflix original, they’d believe it. But after talking to him for just a few minutes, you could see he was as down to earth as they come, and a real, genuine guy.

We are incredibly honored to be hosting Justin Wells and his full band at Send It Slam. Take it from a guy who knows—you don’t want to miss this one. Grab those tickets.

About the Author

Brad Luttrell is the Cofounder, CEO of GoWild. His career has taken him through journalism, advertising, technology and the outdoor industry. All along the way, he’s had a guitar in his trunk and a song in his head.

Listen to Justin Wells | Buy Tickets | Listen To The Send It Slam Playlist

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