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Saddle Hunting Back Band | Is The Hype Real?

Saddle Hunting Back Band | Is The Hype Real?
April 19, 2022

By: Jeremy Dinsmore

When it comes to being totally comfortable in the saddle, look no further than the Tethrd backband. This one piece of gear can turn your all day sit of potential soreness into feeling like you’re lounging in a recliner. I’ve had plenty of podcast guests over the last few years talk about their tips and tricks for staying comfortable in the saddle and the one piece of gear that continues to be in the thick of things is how individual hunters specifically use their backband. We will look at the two specific backbands that I have used and continue to use while saddle hunting.

The Tethrd Recliner

Right away the one aspect that you will see when you check out the Tethrd Recliner is how packable it is. The Recliner is able to just roll up into a small ball and can be easily placed in your SYS Hauler or whatever kind of pouch you run from your saddle. It weighs next to nothing and comes in one size fits all. This specific backband is a universal fit for any saddle out on the market.  All you need to do is place it over your shoulders and clip the strap into your carabiner from your tether rope. From there, simply cinch down the side straps to the comfort of your liking. The Recliner is a great option for any mobile hunter looking to relieve any back pressure while saddle hunting.


The name says it all, the most versatile panel you can use for saddle hunting.  I have used the Recliner for a few seasons, until Tethrd released the MVP.  After using the MVP this past season, I can confidently say that it will hold a place in my SYS Hauler for a long time. The first thing you will notice when looking at the MVP is the different material used compared to the Recliner.  The MVP is made out of the same material as the Phantom saddle. Therefore, it conforms to your back a little better than just the Recliner. The MVP also feels better when placed under your legs between your knees and hamstrings.  This specific placement allows you to relieve pressure on your legs so you can have adjustability on your back and on your legs. The same can be said for the Recliner; however, the MVP is a lot more comfortable. The other aspect that the MVP offers is the ability to turn your saddle into a two-panel saddle. All you have to do is attach the clips to the bridge loops. Another attribute this allows you is to keep the MVP attached at all times if you wish to not roll it up and keep it in your pouch. The MVP checks off a ton of different boxes for a saddle hunter's needs.

My Experience

Since I have used both of these backbands for hunts that ranged from 4 hours to all day sits, it again comes down to your personal preference. I prefer the MVP because of the material. This specific material tends to form around my back more comfortably compared to the Recliner, especially if I am running it longer. I tend to only reach for my MVP after hour 4. This just helps in the overall comfort department.  I used the MVP as I mentioned above under my legs a few times and found this to be a great way to utilize it especially since I tend to sit a good amount while hunting from the saddle.

So if you are looking to add some comfort to your hunts, I would recommend for sure checking out one of these two backbands from Tethrd. They are affordable and offer versatility to your saddle hunting setup.

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