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  • Running out of time: 4 Moves to Boost Performance in the Field

Running out of time: 4 Moves to Boost Performance in the Field

Running out of time: 4 Moves to Boost Performance in the Field
October 4, 2021

By: Jeremy Koerber, Fit To Hunt

The best laid plans of mice and men, right? Whether a lack of focus, denial or a schedule that is overwhelming, hunting season for a variety of game species is here regardless of your current fitness level.  Ready or not, it is go time but what happens if you are not physically ready for your hunt?  Is there still time to improve your fitness to make a difference in the field?  The answer lies in your expectations and what you are willing to do in the short term.

Realistic expectations
A few years ago, I received a call from a gentleman who was going to Alaska to hunt sheep.  I was excited to help him train for his adventure and asked him how long he had to prepare?  He told me four weeks to which I replied, “Good luck.”  Can you improve your physical conditioning in four weeks?  Yes, but in this case, his training should have begun six months earlier.  If you combine the right elements of exercise, nutrition, and recovery, you can improve but be realistic with your expectations.

Just 10% better
It would be great to boost outdoor performance 50% or more but if you are short on time, anything above your baseline is a bonus.  Whether it is in the whitetail woods or scrambling up a mountainside, 10% better is 10% better.  Even if you are trying to train in-season, two days of exercise a week will make a difference in your overall performance in the field.

Nutrition for the win
Make no mistake, you need to be exercising but if weight loss or increased energy is your goal, nothing makes a bigger impact in the short term than improving your nutrition.  But with so many diets, concepts, and opinions, where do you begin? I mean really, the idea of nutrition can be overwhelming. When in doubt I turn to two concepts:

  1. The 85% Rule: Make the best food choice possible 85% of the time and eat what you want 15% of the time.  An 85% is a B+.   If your nutrition scores a B or higher, you are winning.
  2. My good friend and colleague Steve Payne of San Antonio, Texas once said, “if it grew in the ground or ran around, eat it.”  I would add if it also swam, cook it up.

When you are pressed for time and need quick results, focus on improving your nutrition. It will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

If you walk into a salon and get a haircut, you leave looking different. It does not work that way in the gym and trying to put six months of work into 4 weeks will leave you sore, overtrained and will put you at greater risk for injury.  Work hard in the gym but make sure you are recovering. Get good sleep, schedule in rest days, stretch and foam roll. If you don’t, you may end up worse for wear and your hunt will be in peril.

Focus on BIG movement patterns
Bicep curls will make you look great in a t-shirt, but they are next to worthless when you need to make a big impact in a short amount of time.  Focus on these type of exercises to make sure you are capitalizing on every advantage possible to boost your fitness. Here are 4 moves to help you boost performance in the field!

Life happens, schedules are tight, and time gets away.  You will get no judgement from us, but we do want to see you succeed.  Follow these tips and if you have questions, email us info@stayfittohunt.com.

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