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  • Put Your Bow To Bed, So It Wakes Up Happy For Hunting Season | Bow Maintenance

Put Your Bow To Bed, So It Wakes Up Happy For Hunting Season | Bow Maintenance

Put Your Bow To Bed, So It Wakes Up Happy For Hunting Season | Bow Maintenance
February 5, 2022

By Andrew Muntz From Ohio Outdoors Podcast

For a lot of us in the whitetail woods, a season of depression is either here or soon will be upon us. In Ohio, the deer hunting season ends on February 6th, and then we have months of waiting until the next season rolls around. The time off probably helps keep the hunting months special, but just because we are calling it a year, doesn’t mean our equipment should be neglected. Putting your equipment away properly, can help get you going quicker down the road, and prolong the life of your gear. 

For a lot of us, the next few months is the off season and we put our bows away until about July. Although for best form and stability, it’s best to shoot year round, but realistically most of us tuck the bow away for a bit. This content is generally for compound bows as well as crossbows, but if you have any specific questions make sure to talk to your local archery shop, owners manual or ask the GoWild community

Bow storage tips to make your bow last a long time

  1. Keep your bow in a climate controlled environment- Drastic temperature changes can cause detrimental effects on a lot of things, and your bow is no different. Try to keep that bow visible in a stable environment. Example: Hang next to your bed, who knows, you might just pick it up and practice a couple times during the year too…

  2. Check for damage- If you had any misfires, or other mishaps in the woods this season, now is the time to get things fixed. You don’t want to pull your bow out in the summer just to find that nick in the string that you forgot about. If you need to get the bow restrung, now is a great time to drop it off to your bow shop for repair. 

  3. Clean it up- If you were out late season, there is a good chance you were chasing deer in some inclement weather. If you have dirt or other junk on your bow, wipe it out. If you have an air compressor you might be able to blow out some of the hard to reach areas. Oiling your bow isn’t generally recommended but removing moisture and dirt will help in the long run. 

  4. Electronics- If you have any electronics on your sites, cameras, etc. on your bow, it will probably be a good idea to remove the battery. Idol batteries have a tendency of corroding over time if they aren’t used. Avoid that costly mistake by popping the battery out for a couple months. 

  5. String Wax- if your string is in good condition and ready for another season, putting a light application of string wax will help keep it in good shape. 

 A few other things that you might start thinking about as we move into the off season. Now is the time to think about changing your arrow and broadhead set up. Try out a few test kits, arrow weights, broadhead weights, single bevel vs. double bevel vs. mechanical. There are a million and a half possible set ups. Do your research now, so they are ready to test when the weather breaks. 

Looking for a new bow?

The 2022 models are making their way to the market, which means there are probably some good used bows becoming available. A bow that has been used for a year or so, is just getting broken in. Make sure you find one that fits you, has a good/safe string, and is set up for your strength. 

If you are in the market for the latest and greatest bow, I wouldn’t wait around to make that purchase. Supply chain issues around the country may delay your new bows arrival. Get that thing ordered and on hand with plenty of time to practice. 

Finally, the best piece of advice might just be, to NOT put the bow away at all! Try and make it a point to shoot a few times a week. Muscle memory is HUGE for keeping good form to produce the most accurate and ethical shot in the woods. 3-D shoots both inside and outside are happening all spring and offer another option to keeping your skills tuned in. Don’t forget your proper bow maintenance as we move into the off season and you will be in good shape going into next season!

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