Post-Season Recovery

Post-Season Recovery
June 2, 2022

by Jeremy Koerber, Fit2Hunt

After chasing turkeys across two different states the last six weeks, I’m tired. I bet you are as too. It was a great season that resulted in seeing my kids tag their first birds, me tagging my first Rio Grande turkey in Texas and falling more in love with the pursuit of these magical birds. Now it is time to focus on habitat projects and food plots but before you start the summer grind consider spending some time to take care of the most important piece of equipment you own: You.

Even if you try to take healthier snacks into the turkey woods, the combination of sleep deprivation, gas station food and time spent sitting against oak trees and fence posts can wreak havoc on our bodies. The good news is there are a few simple strategies that can help you recover fast and will lay the foundation to prepare for a summer full of habitat projects, fishing and fun!

Get back to a normal sleeping pattern
Because my main farm is 90-minutes door to door, there were several 3am wake-ups over the last few weeks and we hunted hard. Like many states, Missouri is seeing a decline in the total of number of birds which meant a lot of time in the field trying to locate and tag birds. You cannot catch-up on sleep or store it for later which means it is important to get back to a normal sleep routine as quickly as possible. You grinded hard and in order to maintain good health, adequate sleep is important.

85% Rule
I had my share of gas station snack and microwavable biscuits. I bet you did too and while the concept of “healthy eating” is something we would like to do, we often make it too complicated. The 85% rule is a simple way of cleaning up your act without extra expense, diets or meal plans.  To implement, make the best or healthiest food choice possible 85% of the time; 15% of the time, eat what you want. Follow this guideline and you will see a massive difference in how you look, feel and perform post-season.

Foam Rolling
The poor man’s massage, foam rolling is a fantastic way to help tight and sore muscles recover. You have been running ridges, crawling across pastures and spending a lot of time sitting against the bases of trees as you worked to lure a gobbler into range. The hamstrings and low back take a tremendous beating. Taking time to add foam rolling into your daily routine is five minutes worth spending.  Here are a few clips on how to roll out your hamstrings and low back.


How to foam roll your hamstrings

How to foam roll low and mid-back

How much coffee is too much? I don’t know but I think I almost figured it out. Now that you are back to a regular sleep routine, cut back on caffeine and focus on drinking more water. How much is enough? Take your body weight, divide by 2 and that is the number of ounces we recommend you consume. A 150 pound person would need to drink 75 ounces of water per day.

We hope you had a fantastic turkey season. We also hope you are able to get back to your fitness routine, recover and get back out there because there are a lot of food plots to plant, trails to hike and fish to catch!

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