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Mother's Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms (every budget)

Mother's Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Moms (every budget)
April 26, 2021

Contributed by: Arica Johnson

Let's face it, there is nothing you can buy Mom that will ever express the amount of gratitude you have for her (unless it's 100 acres of prime hunting ground, amirite?!) However, if your mom is a lady that loves the outdoors, these 7 gifts are a really good start to show her your appreciation on Mother's Day.

Early Riser Morning Mend Coffee - $16.00

I start 0 days without at least 3 espresso shots. I cannot and will not live this life without my morning coffee. I once tried it and it’s best not to talk about the results. Even when I am camping I will find some way to combine coffee grounds and hot water. Early Riser’s Morning Mend is a fantastic blend to start the day. The resealable bag makes it really easy to shove in a backpack to take camping. Bottom’s up.

QuickSurvivie Realtree® 62-In-1 Survival Kit - $49.99

Most moms probably have a standard first aid or car emergency kit, but what they don’t have is one of these bad boys - a true survival kit. The Realtree 62-in-1 Survival Kit comes with your standard first aid items but it also comes complete with a knife, portable wire saw, multi-tool, flash light and tons of other tools that can truly help in most situations. The next time Karen busts out her first aid kit with 2 band-aids and a half opened packet of iodine, kindly tell her to move over, Momma’s got this one. 


Crosskix Water Shoes - $69.95

I’ve blown out my fair share of flip flops trying to navigate a creek with my kiddos. These sporty water shoes from Crosskix are made with a soft, comfy foam that molds around your footbed for a custom fit. The rubber sole keeps grip on the bottom so you don’t slip on wet surfaces. If you have a boat day you can easily slip them on and off and the best part is they have these stylish holes so water can get out and your feet don’t stay moist (ew!) all day. My favorite color is the Red Dawn 2.0’s but they have a slick black, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Mossy Oak Break Up Country and tons more styles for mom to choose from. 

DSG Fishing Wave Shirt - $49.99

Raise your hand if you’ve ever come off the water with a full-body sunburn and no fish. Oh - that’s just me? Cool. This Wave Shirt from DSG not only has a stylish Realtree Wav3® fishing pattern, it’s also made with a lightweight, UPF 50+ material that will help keep mom cool and protected from the sun all day. My favorite part about this shirt is the hood for added protection on my neck and head if I want it.

Bearscape Soft Tee - $24.99

I don’t trust anyone that tells me I have too many t-shirts. I just don’t need those people in my life. A good, soft t-shirt is the best for taking on adventures whether it be camping, fishing, hiking, creek walks, scouting, or whatever the day brings. And how cute is this one from DSG?! Take my money and add this one to my overflowing tshirt drawer.

Vortex Diamondback HD 10x42 Binoculars
Currently on sale for $50 off on GoWild $279.99 $229.99

If your mom is into hunting, these Vortex Diamondbacks would be a real treat for her this Mother’s Day. Although a pricier gift than some of the others I have recommended, the quality of the optics exceed the price point they are set at. My husband gifted these to me for my birthday this year and I cannot recommend the quality and precision of these binos enough. They also come with a harness that allows them to stay protected in their case until you are ready to use them. GoWild has these on sale right now for $50 off. Momma loves a sale!

Garmin Instinct - $299.99

I love to track my activities in the wild. I want to know how many miles I’ve gone, calories burned, heart rate, altitude tracking and everything else in between. If your mom likes to see live results coming in, the Garmin Instinct, is a great option. It’s a more affordable Garmin smartwatch and does all the tracking I mentioned, plus syncs all this to your phone, and many other Garmin devices like their dog trackers and bow sights. It’s also durable as all get out and can trigger an SOS to emergency response teams, if needed.  

Time Outdoors - Free
At the risk of bringing this back to being too sappy, which is a total mom move, I’d say the thing I want most for Mother’s Day is just to spend time with my littles and husband outdoors. A walk in the woods, picnic in the park (hey dad’s, it’s your turn to pack the lunches), bass fishing or helping me plant my garden with the sun on my face is all I can ask for - unless you want to throw in that Fishing Wave Tshirt then I’d be down for that too!  

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