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Jack Carr's Everyday Carry (EDC) 2021

Jack Carr's Everyday Carry (EDC) 2021
April 21, 2021

What gear does Navy Seal & NYT Best Selling author, Jack Carr, use for his everyday carry? Find out on our new episode of Gearbox Talk! Jack shows us each selection and goes in detail about why he chose each piece - including his EDC pistols, knives, flashlights, axe, and EDC belt. 

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Jack Carr's Everyday Carry (EDC) | Navy Seal & NYT Best Selling Author

Sig Sauer P365 Nitron Micro


Black Point Tactical Mini Wing Right Hand Appendix Inside the Waistband Holster


SIG SAUER P320 AXG Scorpion 9mm 3.9in 17rd Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Pistol

New West Knife Works

Amtac Northman


Daniel Winkler Knives

Dynamis Belt


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5-in-1 Paracord Bracelet

Silicon Holler Koozie


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Brad: Jack Carr the Jack Carr y'all he's back and he's doing a pocket dump on his everyday carry the navy seal sniper spent two decades leading teams through the middle east now he took all that experience and he started writing thrillers and he has since become a new york times best-selling author a few weeks ago we highlighted jack's long-distance shooting setup we highlighted the whole kit and that show was on its way to being one of our best shows ever today jack's back to talk about his edc jack's gonna highlight what he considers to be a must-carry item and why and this is a really quick fun look at a guy who the government has spent a ton of money training and we're gonna see what he thinks is essential now if you like the edc and firearms show go ahead and subscribe and hit the bell icon we're doing shows like this all the time go on I'll wait just kidding totally not waiting on you to do that if you don't want to subscribe that's your loss this is gearbox talk with Jack Carr 

Jack Carr you're an author and the creator of james reece who his everyday carry kind of looks like that thing hanging behind the wall over there or at least a mini day carry we'll say that but today we're going to talk about your everyday carry on the pistol side how's it going man 

Jack: good how's it going thanks for having me 

Brad: going great man we've cranked out a few shows and we got another good one here with the edc side of things so the first thing I want to talk about before we dive into your gun is you know I'm a big proponent here of talking about 2a rights and people you know encouraging people to carry but I also am a big proponent of doing it smart and safety first so can you talk a little bit about just the mentality people need to have and understanding the responsibility if you decide to carry a firearm 

Jack: absolutely so but it's in january I think we had two million background checks go through so that's a lot of new gun owners out there I'm not sure how many of them are just getting pistols for the first time how are you adding to the collection you know that sort of thing 

Brad: we added 8.4 million gun owners last year 

Jack: last year yeah and 2 million were in january from what I understand that's crazy check wise I accounted for half of that yeah no for the most important part of any of this especially if someone is just getting a pistol for the first time getting a rifle for the first time because maybe of the events of the of the last year they it's the it's the training it's it's not what you saw on tv or in the movies and just because you saw someone shooting on a range in the movies or hit that youtube channel for an introductory you know pistol course type thing it doesn't take the place of going to a course spending some time on a range with someone whose sole purpose in life is to teach people how to shoot how to how to carry how to do that safety safely effectively efficiently all those sorts of things talk through some of your options as far as these things go so it's just like anything in life you need that base of knowledge you need to put in that time like in jiu jitsu we call it mat time or if you're boxing it's time in the ring so if you're going to carry your purchase and you're going to carry is going even if you're not going to carry it it's just for the sun for your bed next to your bed it's going out there and getting that confident training and now there's so many different places you can go today we have a lot of people coming out of the military that are teaching now people that are coming out of law enforcement probably even more coming out of law enforcement nowadays and taking that skill set that they have and then teaching citizens how to how to carry and how to shoot how to learn how to engage and what when not to engage because the most important thing about all of this is being situationally aware and all of us had ancestors that were good at that they were good at fighting to defend their families defend themselves defend the tribe and they were good at providing for their families for the tribe and it's only very recently in human history that we've been able to outsource both of those things protection and how we get our sustenance so they survived because they listened to that sixth sense they trusted their instincts that is nothing different than today most important point of any of this is to avoid being in these confrontations to begin with to trust that sixth sense an old sniper from vietnam he told me a long time ago if something doesn't look right it's not he called it jdlr just doesn't look right so trust that instinct if something doesn't look right don't keep going turn around physically your Carr around if you're walking down the street turn around get out of there trust that instinct it's there for a reason so that's the most important part and a lot of instructors will talk about these things as part of their courses part of their concealed carry of course as part of their tactical training courses they'll talk specifically about that mindset and it's not that mindset of going out being aggressive and just getting ready to get after it at any second it's the mindset of being aware head out of that phone looking around not paranoid just situationally aware just paying attention to that instinct and if you have something that says this is not right turning around and getting out of there not feeling bad about doing so 

Brad: excellent excellent advice let's talk a little bit about your personal carry though I think you got a couple options here what's your first one you got 

Jack: I do so pistol wise I've been carrying the p365 from sig for last couple years now because it is small it is definitely convenient to carry out of the box it's good to go with some night sights night sights here so they've done a great job with this pistol so this is typically what I carry every day and I love doing a lot of work with a lot of different pistol holster companies out there just trying to find the right one for me and you might need to search around typically those of us that do this sort of thing have boxes full of holsters that we've tried and don't like but black point tactical these guys are great and I love there's a mini wing and it has some leather on the side so it kind of conforms to your body a little bit I took it I carried here on my side not not appendix I've tried appendix over and over again and I just picking up the kids all the time I keep jabbing myself yeah I think so so anyway I still carry on my side there but I love about these guys also is that they put the type of what what pistol it's for oh yeah fantastic because yeah once you do these things like I just got pistols everywhere I've I have holsters everywhere just peanut butter click up and pick up and quickly see oh this is for this instead of that got it so that's that's helpful so and then to train with this that's the other thing is when you're when you're going to go train and you're gonna because sometimes you see people they're training with let's say full size in the p320 series but then they're leaving they're carrying a 365 or on the glock side of the house they're shooting this course three day course for the seven glock 17 but then they leave with a 43 so what I typically like to do is yeah it's fine to shoot a full-size pistol especially if it's one that's next to your bed that you're gonna gonna use and go to sometimes but if you're carrying also something that's smaller it's to do two courses of fire that are exactly the same with each different pistol so you can see you can put those targets next to each other and be like oh look at this I was not quite as accurate with this smaller pistol as I was with this full-size one ah so that's that capabilities and limitations again it's understanding those weapon systems because you only shoot the big one all the time but you're carrying the other then you might have a little misconception as to what your capabilities and limitations are with that smaller pistol so anyway that's just a side note so anyway typically I have a pistol on me I have a knife of some sort that this one is used to open boxes so these days typically my folders are for opening boxes books for cutting rope whatever else so that's that's that one and then I'll have one that's reserved just for fighting so this is an amtac northman right here on the sheet that has a way to also make fire right there but this is pretty sweet this one is not used for opening boxes it's not used for anything else other than the fighting if I need it so 

Brad: what was that what was the first knife I didn't catch the 

Jack: this is the new west knife works okay here so new west knife works very thin and I have well tons of folders so that'll change up just depending on what I grabbed yeah but that's uh that's a new west knife works right there and then for those that like to carry appendix right here so this is dynamos blade right here and this one you typically carry appendix style but this thing is pretty legit made by daniel winkler designed by my friend dom rosso former seal so that's there's some some options depending on what I'm carrying and then if I'm sharing something a little bigger and it's not really that much harder to carry it's this is the p320 is the axg scorpion right here and I put a light on this and how about same thing I have a holster from blackpoint tactical for this and I have a light on there and if I have a light on my pistol I also make sure that I have another light on me so I'm not tempted to use the light on this pistol to light up something that doesn't need to be covered by the muzzle of this weapon so I have one on my pistol I also have one right here and I also carry this one with the other pistol as well but for sure if I have one on my pistol 

Brad: that's an interesting observation 

Jack: yeah and if I grab one in the middle of the night next to the bed that has a little light on it also have of grabbing another light similar to this one if I go out there in the hallway and I'm looking and sometimes over by that pistol I'm not sure what's down there well I have something that's not going to send a bullet as well so right that's that and that's pretty much the edc the other thing is the belt so the belt's very important yeah stuff goes and it's 

Brad: gotta be quality 

Jack: yeah yeah and I stayed away my friend dom rasso gave me this one years ago five six seven eight years ago now and I was I didn't wear it for like a year because I was like nah too flimsy and I was used to having a belt at the time that was there was leather that was just a little more robust and then once I switched to this thing from dynamos I've worn this every day since I've worn this for like the last five years absolutely love it it has a couple secrets in there that I won't give away because you can find them online like it does also it's possible that there's some things in here that turn this thing oh alright so this thing is is pretty sweet so that's that's part of it as well there so that's typically what's going out the the door with me and you know there's some other things out there that I'll grab last second but that's the base right there that's gonna be going out the door with me 

Brad: no tomahawk 

Jack: not usually but I have one over here in the corner from ashton knives that you can go to clark shooter on instagram you can go back a bit and it it's amazing like they told me it was an everyday carry hatchet and I'm gonna grab it so we're talking 

Brad: yeah we got to see this thing if you're not familiar with the book there are I won't I won't spoil the book but there are some great scenes with with hatchets or tomahawks in the book series okay that's not yeah okay that's a lot smaller than what I thought you were going to pull out 

Jack: so it goes right on your side you carry it this way okay like that yeah on your side and you can get to this thing I mean imagine if you're in a confrontation and somebody pulls out an

Brad: yeah it's like I've made a bad decision here yeah 

Jack: so especially the way that you draw this thing it's pretty legit just carrying it upside down like that and it's it's pretty cool so so I don't typically carry these every day but I have just to test it out to see if it was doable and it's more than doable this thing going up your side you barely even know 

Brad: right right barely can you tell yeah look man I read in the news this was maybe last week and I can't remember where this was for some reason I'm thinking this was in louisville where I am but maybe it wasn't this lady got or this I think it was a lady got mad at her husband over something and I think it's because or vice versa I remember who got mad at who but like it was like you didn't bring home chicken and she hit him with a battle axe and and you know I was to some that might be a legitimate response but I i at the time was like who keeps an axe around that handy but maybe maybe that's what it was maybe there's a hip carry on the axe and then also you got them in the back here so you know maybe more people maybe I need one maybe I need a couple of axes in my background here to be ready at all times hey yeah 

Jack: it pays to be prepared last year has taught us anything it's be prepared 

Brad: yeah that's right Jack Carr  awesome all the all the shows that we've got to do with you man you know one more time tell people where they can find your books your social content and I believe you got some other gear reviews that you put on your website too so point them to all that good stuff 

Jack: yep so officialjackcarr.com is the website you can do some more deep dives into gear or some of the other books that have inspired me along my path both as a combat leader and then as an author as well so that's all on there and then the social channels at Jack Carr  usa and I'm most active on instagram and twitter so come say hello 

Brad: awesome man thanks for thanks for doing the shows I really appreciate it 

Jack: thank you so much talk soon

Brad: alright thank you so much Jack Carr  I got to say first I gotta rep the book the book is out if you have not gotten the book I highly recommend it these are fantastic books I mean I loved the first three of this series Jack is a phenomenal author and he's really this book is fascinating because it's it's taking a look at our our main character through the series james reese and it pulls it into a more more realistic and kind of present day mindset you know we're looking at this anniversary of september 11th that's coming up this year and you know I think I think Jack did a phenomenal job with the 20th anniversary and and keeping you know the the things that were happening in the prior books and weaving it all together so I can't recommend this book enough do not start with this book if you have not read the others make sure you get get out and check out you know the other books starting with the terminal list and go from there we'll put a link to those books in the show notes again they're awesome audiobooks too which you would know if you've listened to my other show restless native look we were so pumped to have Jack on to our shows including gearbox talk and restless native we actually had t-shirts made because we're big nerds do you all see this can you see that okay so it's kind of funny because this is jack's trademark tomahawk logo which you'll recognize from this show and see it in the background and everything and below it says until valhalla which is a phrase hardcore Carr fans will appreciate so again big fans of the guy big fans of his work so I hope you guys will check that out if you're it's like it's perfect for hunting and shooting and people that have military background or or just patriots you know Jack does such a good job of weaving all this stuff together and it's no bs which again we talk about on the restless native show I highly recommend you check out that show if you've enjoyed this interview which I kind of think you probably did because you're still here you're still listening to me and we're at the end you know this is the part where everybody always leaves and it's just me talking to myself and a couple cameras which is kind of weird alright with the that note of this being kind of weird that we're still going on I'm going to wrap up this show all the all the gear that Jack mentioned it's in the show notes please get to buying it's going to support raise em outdoors there's just camp that teaches kids to hunt fish shoot camp all that good stuff we make a donation out of all those proceeds into raise em outdoors that's it for me today I'm out

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