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Hunting Dog Training Tips & Gear

Hunting Dog Training Tips & Gear
October 21, 2021

Brad talks to Ron Boehme, who has almost 50 years of dog training experience. Ron shares some hard earned wisdom he's built up. Brad asked: what is your favorite breed for hunting dogs and what traits make them your favorite? What is your bird hunting apparel setup? (Boots, waders, jackets, pants, socks, vest, belt, the whole 9 yards) What is in your bag of tricks for training your gun dogs? What is the most common thing you see a new gun dog owner get wrong, how do you make sure your dogs’ living situation is optimal for their job? What type of food do you give your dogs and what is their feeding schedule? What is your preferred way of keeping track of your gun dogs in the field? Is it a challenge to keep your dogs in hunting shape during the off season? What do you do during the off season with your dogs to keep them sharp? https://youtu.be/cYEGzTA96x8

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