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How to Start Competitive Shooting

How to Start Competitive Shooting
July 21, 2021

Competitive shooting can be intimidating but Krystal Dunn tells how she got into the sport and how others should start as well. She also gave great insight into some gear that will help any shooter up their speed and accuracy. Krystal Dunn answered questions like, what got you into competitive shooting and what steps should someone who wants to do the same take, when you started down the path of target shooting and competitive shooting, what was some of the most impactful advice you received, what are some things you do to make sighting in your guns more efficient to save ammo, what is your practice schedule like and what would you recommend for someone who is looking to improve their shooting, what is your go-to hearing protection, and what is your all time favorite gun setup?

Sordin Supreme Pro X
JP GMR-15™ 9mm Carbine
Lok Grips 
40 cal Tanfoglio 
Federal Syntech action pistol

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