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  • GoWild’s Surging: January Brings All-Time High Amid Social Media Mania

GoWild’s Surging: January Brings All-Time High Amid Social Media Mania

GoWild’s Surging: January Brings All-Time High Amid Social Media Mania
January 19, 2021

January’s cold usually makes for a slow month on our platform. While ice fishing booms, most hunters are winding down, it’s too cold for most campers and many anglers are wintering, waiting for spring.  

Not anymore. 

January 2021 is burning hot. GoWild is riding at an all time high. We saw a 74.8% increase in our active weekly members over the last seven days. And this last week beat all of January 2020 with ease. 

What happened?

Our members happened. With all of the madness going on (and that’s a bipartisan, and not even political, comment—it’s crazy everywhere you look right now), our community collectively decided to invest in this platform by sharing it with their friends. And it’s working. 

Members sharing the GoWild app took a noticeable leap. As you may know, we give out rewards for inviting your friends to GoWild. Our team has some serious writer’s cramp from all of the thank you notes we’ve shipped for stickers, shirts and more this week. 

Some of this started with a letter I posted on Monday morning, asking for some support as we try to grow to give outdoorsmen and women a place of their own. Yes, that helps my business. But I passionately believe our business has created the best place to engage with other outdoorsmen. 

Apparently y’all agree, too. 

I was up until midnight or later on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday responding to literally thousands of GoWild DMs throughout the week. Many were incredibly moving, thanking the team for the platform and saying it is a special place. I agree, it is special, but not because of us. It’s because of the good people who took the time to reply to that message, and even better, share the platform with their friends and family. 

I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. Together we’re creating something that’s never been done—a friendly community of hundreds of thousands of hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen and women, helping each other get better and share the rewards of the journey.

What else?

I was surprised at the volume of folks who replied and said, “I shared it with my friends, now how else can I help?” If you still have gas in the tank, here are the major ways you can help:

1) Share with Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups are a great way to share the platform with other passionate folks. Likewise, many large groups have just disappeared over the years without explanation. For this reason, we’ve opened up an application to help Facebook Groups bring their members over to a custom Trail. This is a limited opportunity for the first trial of this. Facebook Groups can apply here or you can simply share your referral link in the Facebook Groups. 

2) Let your favorite podcasters and brands know about GoWild
As Facebook made moves to further block firearms related companies from working with them, it’s been a great reminder that the mainstream platforms aren’t aligned with our lifestyle. By sharing the platform with your favorite podcasters and brands, we can more rapidly get the word out. As you know, many of the advertisers often give GoWild members unique discount codes. Consider it a good return on your investment! For podcasters, please encourage them to check out the platform and see what our members are saying about their show! 

3) Invite your friends

If you still haven’t shared with your friends, it’s super easy. Just go to your notifications tab, and hit the address book in the top right corner. You can easily text friends your referral link, and if they join, we’ll send you a sticker. If you get a lot to join, heck, you might get a shirt, hat, or something even better. 

Thank you for all of your support. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, you can always DM me on GoWild. I do respond to all DMs, even if it takes a few days. 

Stay wild,
Brad Luttrell
Cofounder, CEO

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