GoWild Rewards FAQ

GoWild Rewards FAQ
September 2, 2021

As a thank you to our community members we have a Rewards program that allows you to unlock Rewards based on your Profile Score.

Rewards are unlocked based on your Profile Score. Earn points for contributing to the community with Posts, Reviews, Trophies and other content, as well as for Purchases. You can also get points when your friends join GoWild through your unique referral link. 

Where are my Rewards?

The easiest way to earn Rewards is through the GoWild app. Download GoWild for iPhone or GoWild for Android. From your Home screen, tap the My Rewards button to see the Rewards you've unlocked, claim your Rewards and how many points until your next Reward. You can also access, claim and earn Rewards with our desktop version.

How do I earn GoWild Reward points?
You earn points by posting content on GoWild, making purchases on GoWild and referring friends to download GoWild with your share link. Content that can earn points includes but is not limited to posting Trophies, Time Logs, Regular Posts (more points for gear tagged!), adding your first Gear Setup, and Gear Reviews. There are also challenges that appear on Members profiles from time to time for additional Rewards points.

What can I do with the GoWild Reward points I earn?
Your volume of GoWild Profile Points determines your Reward Level. When you reach a new Reward Level, you will be notified of your eligibility on the Home Screen on your Rewards button. From the Home Screen in your app, tap “Rewards” to review your unlocked Rewards. Points cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash or anything of value and are not transferable.

Do my GoWild Rewards expire?
Each Reward will expire 30 days after it is unlocked, regardless of when you see it, unless otherwise noted in your Reward details. Rewards that are not claimed by the expiration date will no longer be available to you.

Can I transfer my points, Reward Level or Rewards to someone else or merge with my old account?
No. Accounts, Reward Levels, Rewards, benefits and/or points may not be transferred, sold, shared or combined. If you create a new account, you will not be able to merge with your old account to reclaim your Rewards level. If you are having issues logging into your account, please contact support@timetogowild.com

Can I use my Rewards with other promo codes?
No. Rewards and promo codes cannot be combined. To process multiple Rewards or promo codes, you will need to do multiple checkouts.

How do I claim multiple Rewards?
You can only claim one Reward at a time. To use multiple Rewards, just do multiple checkouts.

What kind of purchases earn points?
Eligible purchases via GoWild’s app and on shopgowild.com will count towards your points. You must be logged in to redeem your points. You cannot sync past anonymous purchases to your account. Eligible purchases include regular and sale priced merchandise, and the net total will credit towards your points earned, including sales tax, state fees, shipping and delivery charges (if applicable). If you use a gift card or discount code to reduce the price, the reduced price will be the amount that totals towards your points. All points earned from purchases are immediate. GoWild reserves the right to remove points for purchases that are returned or canceled. 

Does my old content count towards my points?
Yes. Old content—Trophies, Logs, etc.—will count towards your points and therefore your Rewards. For the launch of our Rewards program, you have until November 30, 2021 at midnight eastern time to claim these Rewards. Once they are gone, though, they are gone for good.

What if content that earns points is later removed?
If you remove content, or if content you post is removed for failing to meet our terms and conditions, you will lose the points awarded with respect to that content. This will impact your progress towards your next Reward Level of membership, however it will not remove Rewards you have already earned.

What are the Rewards available?
We reserve the right to change or remove any and all Rewards. These are our current Rewards:

100 points: $10 Gift 
200 points: GoWild Sticker 
400 points: 20% off Entire GoWild Order
500 points: 25% off Vortex
650 points: $5 Gift
700 points: 30% off GoWild Turkey Sticker Sheet
750 points: 10% off Entire GoWild Order
900 points: $100 Off Garmin Xero® A1i Bow Sight
1,000 points: GoWild Mini Sticker Pack
1,500 points: 15% off Entire GoWild Order
2,000 points: $100 Off Captain Experiences Trip
3,000 points: GoWild Sticker Sheet
3,500 points: Rewards Exclusive GoWild Tshirt
4,000 points: 50% off GoWild brand swag
5,000 points: GoWild 5K Club Sticker
6,000 points: 10% off GoWild Order
7,000 points: $5 Gift
7,500 points: $50 Off Demerbox DB2 Speaker
8,000 points: 20% of GoWild Order
9,000 points: $5 Gift 
10,000 points: GoWild 10K Club Decal
12,500 points: Free GoWild Tactical Bag
15,000 points: GoWild 15K Club Decal
17,500 points: Free GoWild Mystery Hat
25,000 points:  $5 Gift
30,000 points: GoWild 30K Club Sticker
35,000 points: Save $10 on $30 of GoWild Gear
40,000 points: $5 Gift
45,000 points: 10% off GoWild Order
50,000 points: GoWild 50K Club Decal
60,000 points: GoWild x Gerber Custom Knife
70,000 points: 20% off GoWild Order
80,000 points: Custom Designed GoWild Turkey Call 
90,000 points: GoWild Mystery Box
Every 5,000 points after earns either a $30 gift or a 20% discount

What if I am having trouble claiming my Rewards or have other questions?
For any problems with your Rewards or other questions, email us: support@timetogowild.com

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