GoWild Gear Demo | It's Time For This Watch to Tick its Last Tock

GoWild Gear Demo | It's Time For This Watch to Tick its Last Tock
December 8, 2021

Garmin's Instinct GPS watch is a military issued watch for a reason. It's tough, it's smart, and it's just flat out cool. This episode of GoWild Gear Demo is painful for the GoWild crew because most of us wear Garmin watches. Spoiler alert, a Garmin Instinct GPS watch can handle almost anything you throw at it on a normal day but it does not hold up well to a sniper's well placed shot. 

Have you ever asked yourself what happens when one of the best snipers in the whole world shoots a piece of gear at 400 yards with a 6.5 creedmoor? We teamed up with Federal Ammunition, Nick Hoffman and Jim Gilliland to bring you a different type of gear review. 

We tested out nine pieces of gear and are releasing the videos over the next few weeks. Download GoWild or subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch each video.  

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Video & Production Credit: Muddy Shutter Media

Range Credit: Red Thunder Range LLC

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