GoWild Gear Demo: A Barrel of Tink's Deer Pee & Some Tannerite

GoWild Gear Demo: A Barrel of Tink's Deer Pee & Some Tannerite
December 18, 2021

A precision shot on a small bottle of Tink's deer pee was cool but it didn't quite do it for us. We had to up the stakes and bring in a barrel of Tink's deer pee and duct tape 20 pounds of tannerite to it then put 2 rounds through it to send it to the stratosphere. 

Have you ever asked yourself what happens when one of the best snipers in the whole world shoots a piece of gear at 400 yards with a 6.5 creedmoor? We teamed up with Federal Ammunition, Nick Hoffman and Jim Gilliland to bring you a different type of gear review.

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Video & Production Credit: Muddy Shutter Media

Range Credit: Red Thunder Range LLC

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