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  • Finding The Saddle Hunting Comfort Sweet Spot | Adjusting Your Bridge

Finding The Saddle Hunting Comfort Sweet Spot | Adjusting Your Bridge

Finding The Saddle Hunting Comfort Sweet Spot | Adjusting Your Bridge
May 14, 2022

By: Jeremy Dinsmore

One of the unique aspects of saddle hunting equipment is the adjustability each piece of equipment can provide.  An adjustable bridge is one aspect of the saddle that companies are incorporating to provide such adjustability. Your bridge is what connects you to your tree tether rope and is located on one hip of the saddle to the other.  Ultimately, your bridge keeps you safely connected to the tree. There have been all kinds of different materials that have been used for a bridge over the years, but the popular choice currently is amsteel rope. Amsteel rope is extremely durable, strong and weighs next to nothing.  The size of amsteel rope makes it easy to create adjustable bridges. Let’s take a look at why an adjustable bridge can benefit you.

Finding the Sweet Spot For Your Bridge

When it comes to finding the sweet spot for comfort in your saddle, your bridge plays an important role.  When we talk about practicing in your saddle setup, this is a good time to play around with your “settings.”  See how it feels to run your bridge short, long and somewhere in the middle.  The Tethrd Phantom saddle has 30 inches of adjustability in their Utilibridge.  I really like the option of having an adjustable bridge because not every tree I hunt from is identical in straightness.  You may have a real wonky tree that you know is your only option for that hunt.  Having an adjustable bridge won’t make you compromise your opportunity to hunt from this specific tree and it won’t compromise your comfort. You will still be able to dial in your comfort “settings” and avoid the dreaded “hip pinch.” Some hunters know the exact length they like in a bridge and just run the same length no matter what.  Most of the time, these hunters still like an adjustable bridge for the ease of walking in/out and climbing up and down the tree.  In this case, hunters run their bridge the shortest it will go and tuck away the extra length so it is out of the way and won’t get caught on things when walking in or when they are on a climbing stick. 

From my personal experience, I like having an adjustable bridge because I can set my tether height and forget about it.  It is easy to fine tune to my comfort needs at this point.  Just take weight off from the saddle, twist your prusik knot, and adjust the length of the bridge.  It is that simple.  I currently tend to run my bridge just shy of being maxed out.  I run my tether at my nose.  I have found that these settings fit me best and allow for comfort and maneuverability around the tree.  I don’t have any issues with drawing my bow with these settings as well.  

In the end, an adjustable bridge provides you with options.  These options can only help you fine tune your overall saddle hunting setup.  If your current saddle doesn’t have an adjustable bridge, you can still purchase one from certain manufacturers or make your own. Either way, just fine tune your setup to have the ultimate comfort in your saddle.

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